Who will defend the Chinese government and at the same time attack the Labour Party ? Step forward the Daily Mail

You can always rely on the dictators friend, the Daily Mail to seek to blame the ills of the world on either the BBC, Europe, Immigrants or "liberals". Today, when dealing with the sad events concerning the execution of Akmal Sheikh, Leo McKinstry in the Daily Scum has managed seemingly to me have a dig at liberals, the government and an immigrants lack of links to the UK all at the same time.

In a ludicrous article where he ignores China's history of murdering tens of thousands of its own population, forgets the murders of journalists and those dissidents who dare to talk about corruption in the Chinese state, turns a blind eye to the murder of thousands of students in Tianamen Square in 1990, Leo McKinstry uses such quotes as
In contrast to New Labour's policy of appeasement and surrender, the Chinese Government acts vigorously to defend its people from the misery caused by the drugs trade.
Oh yes, Mr McKinstry, the Chinese really do care about their population. All those little girls left to die in hospitals, they care for them too don't they ?

He goes even further when he writes
In China, the death penalty can be invoked against anyone carrying more than 50g of drugs - and that is one obvious reason why China, proportionally, has nothing like the drugs problem that we have in Britain.
Oh, so its nothing to do with the relative poverty of China then ? Nothing to do with China doctoring figures and statistics so as to leave the impression that their one party dictatorship actually does care ?

So nice to know that when it comes to dictatorships, one newspaper can be guaranteed to believe every figure, statistic and piece of propaganda that comes from their propaganda ministry. We shouldn't be surprised of course. it was the Daily Mail that similarly swallowed Hitler's lies up to 1939, so the paper does have good form.

It does make me wonder though what the Daily Mail would have said had Mr Akmal Shaikh been called Adrian Smith, been white, not been muslim and lived in Tunbridge Wells.

I think we know the answer to this don't we.

The fact that the Daily Mail can seemingly support the putting to death of a man with delusional mental health problems ought to to shock us all. But to read what Mr McKinstry has written he ought to show a little bit more gratitude that he lives in a country where spouting bilious hate fuelled rubbish gets you no more than the wrath of a minor political blogger. If Mr McKinstrys lived in China, my opinion of his delusional mental problems would not save him from the from a fate many Chinese face very day. That of summary execution, torture, forced labour or death.


King Athelstan said...

Actually I was mainly offended by His accusation that the nation is obsessed by Kate Moss, We're not, its the sort of papers he writes for that are.

Johnny Norfolk said...

In all this I think we should also think about the human rights of the people who he would have peddled these drugs to. he took a great risk and paid a terrible price. Like it or not that is the law in China.

Unknown said...

I don't think the Daily Scum cares one iota about the people of China. That paper would use its own grandmother as a weapon to attack the BBC/immigrants/liberals/Europe (delete as applicable).

Null said...

Nich, the Daily Mail is a laughable rag. It's only purpose is to enrich it's owner. The method used is to pander to the basest prejudices of the unthinking morons who buy it.

Sham on the Daily Scum, and it's readers.

Ruth said...

@Paul of "the unthinking morons who buy it" fame - I gather you despise them because they 'unthink' differently to you.

Ah - the arrogance of the pseudo intellectual liberals of England - who believe it is their right to lecture other nations on their laws and the treatment of criminals who break them.

Or perhaps you're just 'unthinking liberal morons' and that makes it right.

Null said...


I despise the intolerance of the Daily Mail and those who read it. Read into that what you will.

For the record, I think it is shocking and reprehensible to take a life, whether it is the life of a criminal, or anyone else. Murder is murder whether it is carried out by an individual or the state. Not a very Daily Mail thought, I grant you, but I guess that's what sets us apart...

None of the above said...

well said Nich

no more words needed

Frugal Dougal said...

China's attitude to the lives of its own children - born and unborn - stinks, as does its foreign policy; but they, and the Daily Mail, are right in this. Adoption of the death penalty for drug-dealing on this level would drastically reduce crime in this country.

And, as somebody with manic depression (bipolar affective disorder), I've never smuggled any amount of drugs anywhere. The illness can be debilitating, but it's not always a crutch.

Johnny Norfolk said...

It appears to me the most loyal readers of The Daily Mail are the ones that hate it the most. I scan the Mail and have a good laugh at some of the rubish they print just the same as The mirror and Sun. This is the first time I have ever commented on them. My advice is do not give them the attention just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Ummm so the writer of this blog is a former teacher. I suppose this is the sort of twisted twaddle you were happy to impose on your pupil's whilst in your former position of power and control?
If so you get no marks in my book.

The dead man was a drug trafficker and a criminal. The law in China is, thankfully, death for drug traffickers, the criminal (armed with enough toxin to poison more than 2000 people) was executed, and good riddance.

Liberals of course will wave mental illness and other mitigating circumstances around - that's what Liberals and the Liebour lot do. Carry on, it's your democratic right. Equally it is China's right to invoke and impose its law on those who transgress on its sovereign territory.

The Daily Mail may offend your Lib Dem "values" but there is no denying that it is an extremely professionally run, campaigning paper doing its job very well.

Unknown said...

What a truly pathetic comment from a spineless anonymous poster.

Firstly, I am not a former teacher. If you learnt to read it would help. I am " A teacher, former councillor, ranter and Norwich City season ticket holder."

If you cannot even understand this then it renders what you say pretty much useless.

the fact that you seem to think that teachers are employed to push their own philosophy rather than teach the curriculum also highlights a glaring ignorance on your part.

Still, carry on reading the Mail. you'll learn nothing but it will pander to your hatred. Happy New Year ? I bet you hope it isn't.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I must say I watched the female Chinese spokesman having a go at Britain over this. She looked a very tough cooky to me, and I think we all need to get used to China doing its own thing and taking a very hard line over crime.

None of the above said...

The Daily Mail doesn't offend 'Lib dem' values. It offends our sense of compassion, our humanity, our common sense, our intelligence and it makes a joke of proper investigative journalism.

But it does a good job of reminding us what a lot of ignorant fuckwits there are amongst us.

As for our ranty friend having a go at Nich for being a former teacher, well I hope they bring in the death penalty for crimes against apostrophes and grammar too - and that was just his first five lines.

I'm a teacher too, but I do push some of my own philosophy - mainly to show the children of people like our anonymous idiot above that there is a world beyond their parents' prejudices

Unknown said...

I never mention anything political, but my class are only eight, so I have a good excuse.

The only thing I do is to tackle prejucides whenever they show their face, and teach tolerance. I think these are human values, not liberal, but if they offend people then that is why these values need to be taught.

King Athelstan said...

Leaving aside McKinstrys risible rant, I think the lesson here is that China will do whatever it wants and there is bugger all anyone can do about it, if we didn't learn that at Copenhagen we never will. As for the article I've read worse things in the Times, telegraph and Independant.