Pressure on Baroness Scotland after new revelations

It is being reported that Baroness Scotland never asked to see the passport of the illegal immigrant she employed illegally.

It puts further pressure on her to resign and overshadows this week's Labour conference.


Malcolm Redfellow said...

It puts further pressure on her to resign...

Well, there's an impartial statement, or, alternatively, perhaps not.

What has happened is that the Mail on Sunday persuaded a poor, unfortunate, illegal immigrant to -- err -- "come clean". Ms Tapui obviously had no reason to mislead, and -- mais naturellement -- would have been offered no inducements, monetary or otherwise to do so. We are talking about the irreproachable Mail on Sunday, after all.

So you, the Mail on Sunday, and all-comers are entitled to join those paragons at ConHome in assuming that one of the leading UK lawyers is perjured, unquestionably, damnably and utterly? Despite, as might be argued in Court (at least, before they dropped the Latin) cui bono?

Then we have that towering moral authority, Chris Grayling, wading in. He needs to make sure the Home Secretary (and, since this letter was immediately issued to the Press) everyone else "appreciate[s] the importance of clearing things up and resolving this matter once and for all, but also that the process is thorough and treats Baroness Scotland in exactly the same way as any other employer."

That would, of course, be the same Chris Grayling who bought a second home just eleven miles from his main residence. He paid just £127,000 for it, then somehow claimed £68,304 for it, over four years, on Parliamentary expenses. An example to us all.

Quietzapple said...

Further, Norfolk and Malcolm, the Mail timed its "story" so that it might have driven Labour's poll below that of the Lib Dems going into Conference week.

Had that happened it might well have gone badly rather than pretty well.

The Sun likewise timed its announcement to give the tories a boost.

These "newspapers" rarely have any honest arguments, but they are quite good at timing their masters' propaganda.

I think newspapers are exempt from VAT. If so, some should be looked at more carefully.