No nominations please

I might be being very presumptuous even suggesting it, but anyone thinking of suggesting any postings of mine or thinking of nominating my blog for any Lib Dem Voice blog awards shouldn't bother.

Last year I wrote in Iain Dale's guide to political blogging that I felt the awards were too self congratulatory, rather too on message, and the judges rather self selecting in that the same people and the same "friends" get chosen every time. Those of you from the provinces (and I use that term loosely) and who don't get to conference really don't matter. Yes, I am sure I'll get comments decrying my views, but I would add that it would me hypocritical for me to seek votes or feign interest in these awards given my published views.

For my money, Stephen Glenn writes the best Lib Dem blog at the moment so perhaps he will get some credit for his good writing.


Stephen Glenn said...

Gee thanks for that comment Nich, it's really cheered this dreigh Monday morning up.

sometimetyke said...

All these blogging awards (especially those run by Dale) are introspective onanism at best and mercenary attempts to attract advertising at worst. Look what happens to those Lib Dem bloggers who win them - they soon vanish up their fundaments and abandon blogging foe embarrassing TV appearances - I think we know who I'm referring to. Well done, Nich for staying well away.