The not so clean Green Party

Rupert Read gained himself a lot of publicity (but few votes) for his so called "Clean Campaign Pledge" in the Norwich North by-election. the Lib Dems, knowing what he is like and that this was a worthless pledge refused to sign, and the local press fell over themselves to tickle Rupert Read's belly and give his campaign more credibility which the result itself didn't justify.

Well now the truth has come out about the "Clean Campaign" that Mr Read is currently running.
It appears, as well as carrying a scathing attack on one of his opponents on his campaign website, someone has been contacting Green local parties with further attacks on one of the candidates.

The election has now been suspended.

One wonders how certain Greens have the nerve to lecture us all on clean politics when their own internal elections are so downright dirty.

Update - There is more interesting stuff on the Greens HERE.


James Higham said...

They're about as clean as a swamp.

Anonymous said...

Lucky they didn't take £2.4m of fraudulently acquired money like the Lib Dems, then, or you'd really go to town on them.

Seriously, though, this is not impressive from RR.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, it's not the Greens who fight dirty internal/external election campaigns. It's Rupert Read.

The big question of course is why do they let him get away with it? Don't they have any control over their candidates at all?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone have any doubts as to why April Pond refused to sign his campaign pledge. Good on her.

Anonymous said...

The worst of it is Read is totally unrepentant nor sees the actions of his supporters as against his clean politics pledge. On the Rupert+Jason campaign site (now taken down) they blamed the GPEx as if it was some kind of junta. One of Tracy’s supporters had to point out in the comments box that it was the actions of one of their supporters – Mark Hill that caused the ballot to be suspended. I hope someone alerts the local press to all this.

Anonymous said...

What a mess lets hope the press do subject this to the scrutiny it deserves. It may appear all a bit like a student union election (what else would you expect from someone who has spent their life in academic cloud cooko land) however it should matter to people in Norwich. An as yet unidentified Norwich Green councillor has been banned from being a national member for 5 years for actions which seem to amount what the Greens tribunal is interpretting as breaching the Data Protection Act. Yet because of their bizare system this individual can continue to be a Norwich Green councillor. If a Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem councillor had done something similar the press would be all over it and they certainly couldn't carry on being a group member.

Anonymous said...

So we don't know which councillor it is yet ? And, what is relationship like between Ramsay and Read ?

As for the party in party in South Devon - lots of political naivety and a lack of political nous - not a very nice group of people either.