Norwich North By-Election Awards

Further to my Norwich North by-election awards nominations from election night, I declare these the winners.

Missed Opportunity Award Winners - Greens (For proclaiming that they were set to snatch second place then failing to run a campaign worthy of 4th place)

Best Campaign - Conservatives (For virtually not putting a foot wrong in terms of not doing anything that might expose their candidate to scrutiny)

Worst Campaign- Greens (Where was their campaign ?)

Best Candidate Nominees - Chloe Smith (Very on message, very much the Tory girl, very assured, if slightly boring)

Best Minor Party Campaign Nominees - Craig Murray (Perhaps the only campaign outside of the main 5 parties that was seen)

And an extra four awards -

Most gracious speech at the count - Chloe Smith (It's not always easy to be gracious in victory and I've seen some nasty winning speeches, but she spoke well)

Least gracious speech - Rupert Read (Whe lectured us all on clean campaigning then proceeded to attack the Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories. Hypocrite ?)

Nicest Party at the Count - UKIP (I couldn't vote for the Lib Dems as I was one of them and that would be unfair. The Tories were very friendly too, Labour were polite but the Greens not).

Best result - Joint winners - UKIP and Conservatives (Bigger victory margin than the Tories were predicting at the count, UKIP did better than anyone expected).


Moderniser said...

UKIP did do very well indeed. The BBC need to be exposed on their pushing of the Greens, it is unacceptable.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Thats the first time I have agreed with anything you have said.

calgacus said...

Well i apologise for thinking you had a vendetta against Craig since you have some good things to say about him too, even if i don't understand why fly posting upsets you so much.

Since the Lib Dems completely misquoted Rupert Read and claimed he'd said "we had the July 7th attacks coming" or something similar he was entirely justified in saying the Lib Dems ran a smear campaign against him. He criticised the other parties as every candidate and party does - i don't know of any instance of him making up false quotes and attributing them to him though. So i can't see any hypocrisy on Rupert's part there.

Nich Starling said...

Rupert Read likes to tell the papers and the public that the Lib Dems supported the war in Iraq. his justification for this is that the lib Dems supported the final motion in parliament which offers supprt and solidarity with our troops and armed forces involved in the conflict.

Everyone knows the Lib Dems did not support the war in Iraq, but he used the fact the Lib Dem support for the final motion, after the vote opposing the war was lost as justification.

If this isn't stretching the truth, I don't know what is. Also see his own blog for instances when he has told lies. As recently as April he had to issue a full apology to a Lib Dem councillor in Norwich for telling lies about her.

You see, it really is not as clear as the Greens and the press would like to make out.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Thanks for those.