Labour MPs preparing the ground for a "putch" after the Norwich North by-election

The news today that female Labour MPs are complaining about the "laddish" culture in Number 10 Downing Street should be seen as preparing the way for the Labour Party to kick Gordon Brown out after the Norwich North by-election.

On the ground here in Norwich, it is clear Labour are having problems getting literature out, getting posters up and getting local activists to want to help after the way Gordon Brown's henchmen kicked Ian Gibson out of the parliamentary Labour Party.

Further evidence of the lack of enthusiasm for Gordon Brown can be seen from the lack of Labour MPs visiting Norwich, and why would they want to come when they know Labour may well end up in 3rd place (I have been told that one online betting company have now opened a book on Labour coming third) and many Labour MPs want Gordon Brown out anyway.

So expect more stories over the coming days from Labour MPs, upset ex minsters and various insiders who will start providing the ammunition for a challenge to Gordon Brown after 23rd July.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr N, Blogger,

*tsk" putsch not putch.


A Pedant

Anonymous said...

You mean "Putsch"