Independents on ego trips

In the wake of the expenses scandal, there were a number of people putting their names forward or had others putting their names forward as strong independent candidates who would work to kick out those who have abused the system. Amongst this group was Esther Rantzen.

Ms Rantzen said that if Margaret Moran , the Labour MP for Luton South, did not stand down, she would stand against her. All well and good. After all, if Ms Rantzen is dedicated to cleaning up politics she would be a formidable opponents of anyone who had abused the system. The problem is that Margaret Moran will be standing down, but Ms Rantzen insists she is still standing.

So who is Ms Rantzen opposing now ? If she is standing to oppose the abuse of expenses, then all her opponents in the election, those representing the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour are all clean, with no guilt associated with them as regards expenses. So what does she hope to gain ?

In my opinion it is more to do with ego than principle. Ms Rantzen is only famous in recent years for appearing on a reality show which attempted to find her a date, appearing on another celebrity reality show in "I'm a Celebrity", been rolled out as another celeb on "Who do you think you are" then doing a one off special on "political correctness" on ITV which spoke volumes about her lack of knowledge of politics, education and the law. In essence she has used up all her celebrity appearances.

It must be difficult for someone deprived of publicity for so long to suddenly be in the spotlight again and not want to let it go. But if Esther Rantzen genuinely believes that she can clean up politics, why isn't she standing against one of the dozens of MPs who have done wrong and are not resigning ?

For Esther read Ego.


Moderniser said...

Exactly. If sweeping reform is to come, it'll be through the emergence of parties rather than individuals.

Brian E. said...

Most independents who stand for parliament usually have some very strong reason, and in this case one simply doesn't exist.
When Martin Bell stood, this reason existed, but one has to face the fact that he actually achieved very little other than ejecting the incumbent member.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people like her divert attention from totally legitimate independent candidates with causes. Martin Bell is a good example, but a much better one is Dr. Richard Taylor. How about Craig Murray last week, or even Jill Seward in Haltenprice last year. There's nothing wrong with celebrity in politics. You just have to wield it for the right reasons - Joanna Lumley.

If only the media gave independents with ideas half the attention for luvies like Esther and air heads like Miss GB.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of any problems in politics nowadays to which celebrities are the answer.

Unknown said...

Craig Murray was another examplke of the celeb candidate, or so he thought.

He stood as the honest man, but none of the main candidates standing against him were dishonest or had a history of it.

To claim to be putting politics right and then issue an attack leaflet against the Tory also highlighted the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

It's fame cocaine! Mind you, you get that in party politicians as well.


I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Murray was actually a strong and serious candidate and, like your mate Dale, you're simply jealous of the fact that he has shown courage and achieved things, whereas you've only blogged about people who do.

The Tory candidate was blowing up the 'I'm local, me' angle which, in her case, simply didn't exist. People seem to hold a candidates 'localness' pretty highly so it was dishonest of her to play that up and quite justified Murray's exposure of her.

Unknown said...

Anonymouse. You have some much courage to post anonymously. I salute you.

As for your comments that I have done nothing, I am sorry that Murray supporters feel that teaching children is doing nothing. When friends of mine from University went on to high flying jobs in PR, the city of London, recruitment, telecoms, etc, the Foreign Office, I could have ffollowed them, and the cash, but I decided I wanted a worthwhile job that was perhaps not as well paid but had real job satisfaction.

I am sorry you think teaching is such a worthless profession.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sorry that you don't think that giving up a lucrative career in the diplomatic service in order to expose the British Government's complicity with torture doesn't deserve more respect and admiration.

Unknown said...

Democracy is about scrutinishing and criticism. You, like Mr Murray, like personal attacks too.

Oh, and if you had the courage of your convictions you'd post your name.

jailhouselawyer said...

Puzzled by the Ronnie Biggs photo in this post, was it meant to go in the post below?

Andy said...

"You, like Mr Murray, like personal attacks too."

"Craig Murray was another examplke of the celeb candidate, or so he thought."

Nuff said.

Apart from maybe, try addressing the point.

Unknown said...

Indeed. It's now been moved.

Anonymous said...

It might help the Liberal Democrats! Think about it ...