Election day leaflets from the Tories and Lib Dems and a story of my fame and other polling day tales

I was out delivering election day leaflets with my good friend (don't I sound like Iain Dale) Norman Lamb earlier when I spotted a couple of Tories doing the same thing. I always like to have a pleasant polling day so trotted over to chat to them (leaving Norman to do the leg work).

The Conservatives came from Sheffield, but when I asked if they wanted to swap leaflets, the female Tory asked "Are you the Norfolk Blogger". When I said yes, she got all excited in a very unexpected way, we then posed for a photo (which they say they will send a link for), and had a pleasant chat. What mad me laugh was that they were genuinely pleased to meet me but didn't really seem that bothered by Norman Lamb. Makes a nice change as for years when campaigning in North Norfolk he was always the star turn and me merely one of his flunkys !

Anyway, here are the leaflets we (and they) were using.

My other polling day story of note was the house I knocked on with the door being opened by a really rather attractive woman in her early twenties wearing the briefest of bikinis and appearing to be pulling on (but not quite wearing) a very brief pair of shorts. I used the leaflets in my hand to shield her more exposed lower parts from view as she apologised (really, an apology wasn't necessary) and explained she was staining a fence and was wearing as little as possible so as not to ruin her clothes. She had already voted so I thanked her (for her vote).

It has been a hot day.


Anonymous said...

See we're not all bad ;)

In our patch I we get on really well with the LibDems even during heated campaigns - then again we're bound together by a shared hatred of the BNP (who are pretty strong in our neck of the woods) and Labour (who arent anymore).

Anonymous said...

You missed the Tory one that used the 'Two Horse Race' slogan that they all claim to hate so much.

I think they were delivered later in the day, as I saw them being put out around 4pm when I was out.