The logic of the Green Party "We have not got a clue", admit Green Party

THIS is a great article highlighting that even leading lights in the Green Party know that their party policies are barking mad !

Sadly it reflects poorly on voters that they can be taken in by a party that does not have a clue. But what does anyone expect in the current political climate ?

The truth is though that the Green's attempt to label themselves as a non political party and as a result they pick up votes from those dissillusioned with the traditional parties. When people see them in power, which is likely in Norwich next year, and Greens have to make decisions about cuts, raising charges and taxes and a host of other hard decisions, they will no longer be able to stand aside from being a political party and people will, I believe, see them for what they really are.


Matt Hodgkinson said...

On what planet does the Green Party claim to be non-political? I've grown used to nonsense from Lib Dems after seeing "only the Lib Dems can win here" on leaflets in a European election that uses proportional representation...

And no "leading lights" have called our policies "moronic" or any such thing - Adam Ramsay isn't Adrian Ramsay. Is reading comprehension not your strong point?

Unknown said...

Obviously reading comprehension is not your specialism either.

The story is corrected underneath the original story and makes clear that Adrian Ramsay is not Adam Ramsay.

One might expect you to check in more detail before making such a silly statement !