Christopher Fraser ? Who ? I've never heard of you !

I wrote some months ago about the invisible man of Norfolk politics, Christopher Fraser, MP for South West Norfolk.

This man lost his previous seat to the Lib Dems in Poole back in 2001, but despite this, South West Norfolk Tories chose him ahead of an array of better qualified and often local people with an armful of credentials to be a decent local MP. Having been selected as the Tory candidate, he then refused to take part in public meetings during the election and is notable for his unwillingness to be contacted. The Eastern Daily Press have reported on an almost daily basis how he refuses to return calls.

Now, in the wake of allegations that the taxpayer was forced to pay out for shrubbery to go around his garden in South West Norfolk. The EDP reported today that locals in the village in which he owns a house were largely unaware that he lived there, indeed the paper also reported that many people believe he spends me time in his Dorset home than he does in Norfolk. Quite how his home in Norfolk qualified as a second home when it appears actually to be his third time is something of a mystery.

Well now it does not matter because he has gone. He will not stand again. Will the people of South West Norfolk be pleased ? Will they know ? After all, he was only notable by his complete invisibility as a local MP. To be honest in the rock solid Tory seat where a dog with a blue rosette on could get itself elected, a dog with a blue rosette on might be better known and could, in my opinion, do a better job !

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TJUK2013 said...

I've thought for a long time that Mr Fraser seems to be the invisible MP, and wondered if he had learnt nothing from his time in Dorset. Maybe we know now why we saw him so rarely - because he was in fact living in the same house in Dorset. Just the other day when out canvassing, a woman was almost in tears when telling me about a problem she had, and desperately needed the help of her MP, but Christopher Fraser did not want to know, this woman remembered how Gillian Sheppard had helped her previously and could not believe. So I think those who have sought help to no avail, will be grateful of this development. TJ