Lock her up

Whether you like Peter Mandelson or not, and I fall in to the "not" category, he is a minster, he ought to have had proper protection from any potential terrorist threat (especially as he was Northern Ireland Minister), and as a human being, he has the right to walk along our streets free from harassment and physical assault.

I tend to agree with what Peter Mandelson said on the Andrew Marr program this morning when he questioned why it was that some broadcasters (and the BBC were very much to blame in this case) seemed overly keen to offer the protester the oxygen of publicity, seemingly rewarding her illegal behaviour with the reward of an instant interview and a chance to pedal her politics live on air.

The way she was pandered to by Nicky Campbell on Radio Five Live with a total failure to question her methods, allowing her to claim she was standing up for democracy, and a lack of tackling her on her claims that she spoke for "the majority who oppose airport expansion", showed me that some radio broadcasters are nothing without briefing notes given to them by researchers.

I hope the police take the proper action against this woman and that she learns to accept that we do have democracy in this country and she can exercise it at the next general election.


Anonymous said...

A democracy so good that Mandelson was made a lord so that he could make decisions affecting us all!!
Our democracy is badly broken.

Anonymous said...

which ballot box do you go to to get rid of a peer of the realm? he'll still be there even if NL fall.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

... and was that a Starbucks Venti cup?

How unGreen!

Nich Starling said...

I don't agree with the House of Lords, which is another reason why I vote Lib Dem.

I don't want Labour ministers making decisions, MPs or Lords, which is why I vote Lib Dem.

If you really REALLY have a problem understanding why elections can make a difference whilst throwing green custard makes headlines but no difference then it is not democracy that is broken.

jailhouselawyer said...

That's entertainment. In relation to the European election, If Wikipedia is anything to go by:

"The turnout is an increasingly big issue for some, with some noting that in the UK, 11 million voted in the 1999 European elections while 23 million voted on the Big Brother TV show in 2002".

I am aware that it is a common assault, and found it amusing that Mandy suffered slight discomfort, but it appears that the police only became involved after John Prescott pressed the issue. Bearing in mind that he overreacted when he got egg on his face, perhaps the solution is to suggest that Mandy turns the other cheek.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

I'm with Nich here. This is not "direct action" as much as self-promotion.

If anyone wants a real sickener, get it first-person singular from the horse's mouth:
Here was a well-dressed, dare I say attractive, state school, middle class woman confronting the unelected OverLord Mandelson and questioning his right to take a political platform on climate change.
Err, not in those crumpled cargo pants, darlin'.

And what was Mandelson's crime? Wait for it! here it comes, ready or not: he was a man far too used to the comforts of patriachy No that's not my typo.

Moreover, his condescending smile conveyed his expectation of little more than a simpering compliment coming his way. Well, Mandy doesn't often get a warm hand on his entrance, at least in the Labour Party circles I know and love.

So, remember, as Ms Deen sees it, the issue is not whether the economic needs of the nation are a higher priority than aviation causing 1.6% of global CO2 emissions. It's -- ready, again? --:
This is an intensely feminine struggle, against the destruction of our eco-system, a problem created by patriachy is. So I stand proud to have joined the ranks of many strong women who are on the frontline of getting it sorted. And if getting attention for that cause means having to discuss where I buy my shoes, or how I get my hair so poofy, so be it.

I shall look with interest, the next time the odd eco-friendly half-brick comes whizzing towards our brave constabulary in Oxford Street, to see that the lads and lasses in blue treat eco-scruff with the same amused detachment.