Are Cheshire Police "institutionally racist"

It seems that if you are a man window shopping in certain parts of Cheshire, not only is your custom unwelcome, but the local constabulary will turn up mob handed and try to make out that you are about to rob the shop.

What is so ludicrous in the case from last Wednesday was that not only was the person that the police did this too a Premiership footballer, but he was on crutches having undergone a major operation after suffering cruciate ligament damage in the Everton match against Newcastle some weeks ago and the police tried to take his crutches away from him.

Oh, and of course the player, Victor Anichebe is black. One might wonder if his teammates Philip Neville, Leighton Baines or Dan Gosling would have received such treatment from the Police. I doubt that those white men would have been treated in the same way.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Actually no. I think the police are institutionally stupid.

Whereas it is clear there is racism, there is also the fact that they turn a blind eye to a lot of hate stirring of our Muzzie friends.

I say institutional stupidity, because these policies are handed down from on high, backed up by lots of carrot and stick.

Chairman Bill said...

Perhaps it had nothing to do with racism. Perhaps the footballers just looked aggressive.