Well done to the Sheringham Tesco campaigners and North Norfolk District Council

After 13 years of campaigning against Tesco, dealing with the company's threats, and machinations, a planning enquiry has finally ruled against Tesco and Sheringham will remain Tesco free.

I first became aware of the Tesco problem in Sheringham eleven years ago when I ran a local election campaign for the Lib Dems in Sheringham in September 1997. Even then it was raised on the doorstep by electors who in most cases were against Tesco, but in a very few cases were very supportive of the plans.

In those eleven years Tesco have tried over and again, using threat that it will bankrupt the council if the council objected, making reference to its expensive lawyers and doing all the usual local muck raking to try and spread false rumours against those who opposed their plans. Throughout this time, the Lib Dem run council has stood by the independently made decisions of the planning committees who, voting on the application and ignoring the threats and associated consequences, voted against Tesco time and again. The council committee recognised the unique nature of Sheringham, a small town dominated by small shops, and in my opinion they made the right decision.

So well done to all those involved who have shown that the planning system does, once in a while, work in the best interests of local people.


Unknown said...

This is really the least of their crimes. it's what they do when they insidiously infect a community with their 24 hour a day shopping, changing store layouts around without telling their staff, making us pay for carrier bags, and worst of all, stopping staffing tills after midnight.

Believe me - it's worst when you think the one who promiese you the most makes themselves part of your life and then starts to slowly withdraw their love from you. Well done Sheringham. Well done!

Respectable Citizen said...

It's been a long time since I've been to Sheringham travelling up on the steam train, I grew up in Suffolk.

Congratulations on the Tesco result, incredibly in the last couple of years they have opened 2 more stores in my neighbourhood both within 10 minutes walking distance of another Tesco store.