Is Lib Dem policy being dictated by back seat drivers ?

Danny Finkelstein claimed yesterday that the Lib Dem policy of abandoning a manifesto pledge to give the people of Britain a referendum on the EU treaty was made because Shirley Williams was threatening to leave the party and join the Labour Party if we didn't do it.

Mr Finkelstein comments that it was a deal hatched with Ming last summer when Gordon Brown and the Labour Party were enjoying high poll ratings.

If this is true, then it is disgraceful. But given that anyone joining Labour now would be rats joining a sinking ship, shouldn't we again look at our policy on this issue and ask if we are being dictated to by back seat drivers on the basis of threats made to leave the party, is this a proper reason for making a policy decision ?

Hat tip top Iain Dale.

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Catchthebudgie said...

Cant help but feel this whole euro treaty business is a little suspect.

We know that if there was a vote the British would vote us out.

That maybe wrong for the Liberals and even Labour. For the people of this country it's about rights that they feel are being taken away day by day.

The EU is un-democratic and us the voters have little if no say on policy or decisions.

Free trade? it's turned into free for all. Time to get out.

Shirley come on back to Gordon.