Scots Tories vote to keep Nationalists in power

You can always rely on the Tories, can't you ?

In Scotland they stand under the banner of "The Conservative and Unionist Party" and claim to be totally opposed to Scottish independence and tribal nationalism. So when Alex Salmond announced that if the Scottish Parliament did not pass his SNP budget, he would resign, you'd imagine that the Tories, true to their "unionist" principles would have jumped at the chance to vote against the SNP, wouldn't you ?

Don't be silly, they then voted with the SNP whilst strangely, according to the BBC, the SNP's own Green allies abstained. The Lib Dems and Labour, realising the SNP had a majority with the Tories help, abstained on the issue too.

Whatever next for Scotland, a Unionist and Nationalist coalition ?

Those Unionist voters in Scotland have every right to feel conned.


Quiet_Man said...

Actually it was a clever move by the SNP's John Swinney, by agreeing to a labour amendment on the budget he left them between a rock and a hard place. By vetoing the budget they'd sink their amendment, so in a typical Labour backpeddle they abstained.

Anonymous said...

So when the LibDems voted with the SNP on Trident, scrapping the Council Tax and various other motions were they betraying Unionist voters?

Craig said...
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Nich Starling said...

I don't recall Salmond saying he would resign if he lost these votes. In effect Salmond made yesterday's cote a confidence vote, and your lot supported him.

You are, therefore, comparing two things that are not alike.

Unknown said...

Do the Lib Dems want PR or not?


Craig said...

Do the Lib Dems want PR or not?

The Lib Dems don't know what they want. That's certainly clear from their absurd position on the budget. Criticising it throughout yet failing to put forward any amendments. Dear oh dear

Nich Starling said...

The absurdity of Tories who believe that PR means you have to support everything shows a deep misunderstanding of a a really simple concept. In short, it shows them to be a bit dim.

Craig said...

The absurdity of the above comment shows how little you know about Scottish Politics. The Scottish Tories have not voted with everything the SNP has put forward - to think that shows a naivety on your part.

Just take yesterday’s vote on the Local Government Finance (Scotland) Order 2008, the motion was passed with the support of the SNP, Labour and their running buddies the Fib Dems whilst we opposed it showing an early flaw in your argument.

Whilst the position of the Fib Dems has been to abstain in any vote on the budget whilst at the same time putting forward no amendments shows how ridiculous the Fib Dems are at the moment.

I await your response.

Nich Starling said...

So you say the BBC are wrong, as it was their figures I quoted ?

The absurdity is that the Tories, who oppose Nationalism support them when it comes to a vote.

You always know when you have the Tories rattled, because they start using the term "Fib Dems".

Thanks for showing me that you are rattled. It must be a bitter pill to take knowing you have dumped your Unionist credentials.

Craig said...

Not rattled. Merely calling them "fib dems" due to their different stances on the same issue in different areas. Heck, they are even trying to claim credit for the business rate cuts

Nich Starling said...

of course, yes, um, yes, defintely. Say it often enough and you'll believe it.

Craig said...

What are your thoughts on the position the Lib Dems took during the budget process?