More pointless EU legislation

Is it any wonder people regard the EU with such disdain when it introduces so many laws that seem to interfere with people's lives.

The latest example is highlight by the Sunday Telegraph today.

"By any measure the Douglas DC-3 Dakota was one of the great aircraft of the 20th century, playing a key part in the Normandy landings and the 1948 Berlin airlift, and for decades after the war was the workhorse of local air services all round the world. Every summer thousands of air show addicts in Britain share in this piece of history, by taking flights in the famous Dakota operated by a Coventry company, Air Atlantique, with a flawless safety record.

No longer. From July 16, 2008, thanks to a new 175-page EU regulation, 1899/2006, it will become illegal to fly passenger aircraft anywhere in the EU unless they comply with a deluge of new safety requirements, from lockable cockpit doors to "passenger slides", at a cost per aircraft of £250,000. Sixty years ago the Dakota may have been safe enough to liberate Europe, but the new "government of Europe" we live under today cannot tolerate such liberties."

Surely someone in Brussels might have seen fit for there to be an exemption for "classic" aircraft ? No, obviously not.

Does anyone at the EU not realise that its regulations, however well meaning the intentions, are sometimes just daft when applied without examption ?


Chris lovell said...

This is exactly the type of nonesense legislation that we as Liberals should be fighting against. I'm sure it's very well meaning but the EU needs to realise that it cannot carry on passing legislation like this and still expect public opinion to be on it's side.

Nich Starling said...

And that sums up the problem out party have had for years when it comes to Europe. We are never critical for fear that it makes us look anti European. A good friend will be critical, a bad friend will be silent.

Anonymous said...

yes and when our kids die in hotels in non EU countries because they have no health and safety

we all say thank god we have health and safety laws