What ever sort of parent ... (again)

I am sure most of you saw the sad news of the death of a seven year old child on Christmas Day who died whilst out riding her new quad bike. A tragedy, of course, for her family and friends. however, it does lead me to ask some very serious questions.

1) Why was a seven year old girl riding a 100cc quad bike ?
2) Why did her father (who was in the car in front) think that this was a good idea to drive in front of his children on a main road ?
3) What ever sort of parent thinks that spending £1200 on a brand new quad bike for a seven year old is a good idea ?
4) Why were they out riding in the dark ?

The greatest kindness a parent can say sometimes is "no" and some parents need to accept that they have a responsibility to protect their children, in many cases from themselves. Children do not, in many cases, have the self discipline to stop, some lack an awareness of their own mortality and most can be very impulsive. It might not always make the parent popular, but they do need to learn to make sensible choices that ultimately mean their kids are safe. In this case, I cannot believe that the little girl's parents did this.

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