My first Christmas Eve without delivering leaflets for many years

Thinking back to previous Christmas Eves, it suddenly occurred to me that this must be the first time in probably 10 years that I have not been out delivering Focus leaflets on Christmas Eve.

I have always found Christmas Even to be a very productive time to deliver the Christmas and New Year Focus because lots of people are in, many are impressed that we are bothering on a Christmas Eve, and most people are in good spirits and will give you a smile. it also further emphasised the strapline on the bootom of every Focus "The Local Lib Dems work all year round, not just at election time"

It is, for me, one of the advantages of no longer being a councillor or being active in any local party, that after years of seeing any free day as an opportunity to deliver leaflets, I now choose to spend it with my family (or posting to my blog).

So to all those people of all parties who have delivered leaflets today, I raise my glass to you.


Anonymous said...

"But why every Christmas Day morning are we greeted on the news by the same old bunch of sad cases who have nothing better to do on that day of all days, than travel to Sandringham to stand outside the church to give the Queen some flowers"

Not half as sad as flyposting party political leaflets on christmas eve for a whole decade methinks


Anonymous said...

This is my first 'night off', too.