Christmas lights displays in your garden - Good or Bad ?

Are you a fan of Christmas light displays in gardens ? Personally, I love them, although I don't have any lights outside my own house. There used to be two houses in my old council ward in Fakenham that used to leave them up all year (but just not turn them on), which some might see as tacky, but given the massive amount of effort some people go to to make their garden look like Santa's Grotto, I don't blame them.

For anyone who like them, or wants to see some examples of truly terrible and tacky Christmas light displays outside people's homes, can I recommend Tacky Christmas Yards, which has plenty of examples to look at.

My personal favourite is the one of the Reindeer, strung up by their feet, head down, with lights beautifully arranged to looks like a pool of blood on the floor.

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