A new banner for Team Huhne

After today's showing from Huhne, he has got to prove that this banner is not true. He is in danger of losing a lot of votes over this, and furthermore is in danger of losing the party votes.

I was swinging towards Chris after Question Time, but on the basis of today, I cant but feel that Chris will do or say anything in order to win. That's the moral equivalence of New Labour or Cameron's Tories.

We'll have to see if heads to roll in the Huhne campaign in the next couple of days to see if Chris really is committed to fighting a clean campaign. My vote is still up for grabs, but only just.


Anonymous said...

Great Banner!

I am afraid this was one of the lingering doubts I had about Chris from the last leadership election. After Thursday I was trying to convince myself maybe I had it wrong, after all, if he did get elected he would be chair of FPC and I would have to deal with that. Today has totally dismayed me, it was unnecessary and counterproductive. If he didn't understand how much he would alienate even his own supporters (some of whom who have already withdrawn their support)he really doesn't have all the right ingredients to be leader.

Chris Almighty! said...

He either knew about - in which case he is venal. Or he didn't know about it - in which case he is incompetent.

Does anyone believe that a document that was openly supllied to the BBC as ammo for today's show (ie it was not leaked) would go out without the candidate's approval? And if it did - what does THAT say?

I think Huhne has inflicted needless damage on our party. His behaviour is consistent with other things I've heard about his character.

I am supporting Nick. And I will leave the party if Huhne is elected leader. That's a slippery slope I don't want us to go down...

Chris Almighty! said...

Huhne either knew about the document - in which case he is venal.

Or he didn't know about it - in which case he is incompetent.

Neither of those are very satisfactory choices.

Haribo said...

Haha, like the banner. Can I steal that for my blog?

I agree with your analysis too. When the campaign began I was leaning towards Huhne; this is no longer the case.

Anonymous said...

The new Huhne banner is hilarious...and very very appropriate. You made me laugh out loud, cheers !

Nich Starling said...

Julian, of course you can have it. After all, I have not asked Chris for permission to rip his banner off. I wouldn't dare in case I was accused of being "Nasty Nich" or "Stupid Starling"