Is Sajjid Karim as big a scumbag as he is being made out to be ?

I have read on Iain Dale's blog that Saj Karrim, upon his defection to the Tories, sacked his staff by text message and took property from his offices, some of which belongs to the Liberal Democrats.

Is it true that he really is that much of a scumbag ?

As one commenter to Iain Dale's blog points out " the text message sacking is absolutely true ( I met one of his former staff last night). he also arranged a van to come to his office on sunday and emptied it of literally everything - including some property of the Lib Dems and some personal property of the staff members who used to work there. So theft as well as shoddy behaviour."

Oh how proud the Tories must be ?


Anonymous said...

It seems the Tories are somewhat underwhelmed by his arrival

Anonymous said...

"Is it true that he really is that much of a scumbag ?"

If you really want to know, why don't you ask some of his former staff? I can see that two are still left (beside Sajjad Haider Karim himself) in the Facebook group
Team Karim
- "For those over worked and underpaid people who have had the honour and pleasure of working along side the all mighty Saj Karim himself."

Anonymous said...

Having heard the Parliament debate on Sajjid Karim, I do hope the Tories dump him. Who knows what kind of connections this supposed to be MEP has with some of the nastiest on planet Earth. And I don't mean George bush jnr. Maybe he is the Teddy of the Tory Party (or should I say mohammed).

Administrator said...

I did work experience for this JOKE and let me tell you they is a very small number of Basterd's like him. Sorry for swearing but i can help it when it comes to Karim!