A good day for ITV to bury bad news ?

On the day the BBC announced 1800 job losses, ITV took advice from New Labour and decided it would be a great day to bury bad news about how they conned £8 million from unsuspecting viewers. When all the media correspondents would be covering the BBC story in depth, stuck outside broadcasting house, a long way from ITV's offices, ITV decided it would release the news.

The most shocking thing about the whole report that ITV have done is that the conning of its customers seems to be endemic across all ITV's flagship shows. From Ant and Dec to X Factor and Dancing On Ice to I'm a Celebrity. Despite this endemic problem within ITV, not one ITV members of staff will lose their job over this debacle. Despite Michael Grade's strong words of indignation about how absolutely disappointed he is to find ITV doing this, his actions say differently. He used the argument that if they had sacked people then nobody would have blown the whistle on how much it was happening. I would argue that the people doing the report would not have been very good if they had not been able to uncover mass fraud in this scale without needing whistle blowers.

When you consider that the BBC sacked staff for merely calling a cat a different name and that nobody lost money from phone calls as it was an internet vote, then you really have to question ITV's supposed commitment to its viewers when an £8million fraud can be carried out and nobody was to blame !


Paul Walter said...

Strange - that thought had crossed my mind also. The date of the BBC redunddancy announcement had been flagged well in advance so you didn't even have to be an insider to know when it would happen...

Charlie Marks said...

It's shocking that there's no sign of a criminal investigation into this. As soon as Grade knew what was going on, he should have called in the police.

Anonymous said...

Blue Peter was a nasty mess for the BBC, but the ITV scandal is considerably more serious and damaging for the broadcaster.

Not sure how they can start rebuilding trust after this. Their income stream from phone voting is about to take a serious hit.