Andrew Pelling MP - What a lovely man !

Conservative MP Andrew Pelling sounds like a thoroughly lovely guy.

Whilst his wife, and mother of his three children was away visiting her dying father, he started an affair with a woman 20 years younger than him. Upon his wife's return, he apparently couldn't face her (or didn't have the guts to) so it is reported that he posted money to her through the letter box (such a brave man). He then divorced her and married his mistress.

Now Mr Pelling has been arrested by the police for allegedly assaulting his new wife, who is now pregnant.

Rather surprising given his generous nature, she is now reported to be wanting to divorce him.

What a lovely man Andrew Pelling is. He is a credit to his Party and to the role of an MP.

P.S. Note, I am being sarcastic.


Tristan said...

I'd never have guessed you were being sarcastic ;)

You have to be careful though, people twist your meaning so readily...

Anonymous said...

Andrew Pelling DID start a relationship with Lucy whilst still married, however his wife had already left HIM by that point.

His wife allegedly has a record of preying on emotionally vulnerable, relatively wealthy, older men then making vexatious, malfeasant allegations about them when their relationships come to an end.

It was reported in the press that she bore no signs of having been assaulted, so it appears that she may have done it again and I feel sorry for Mr Pelling whose political career is in ruins for no other reason than having shown poor judgement in his choice of female companion.

Nich Starling said...

I should add tha tthe anonymous comments above I have allowed only so people can judge why someone would post such things anonynmously. There is no evidence provided to suggest any of this is true and it may well be a cover story.