Imagine your worst day out ever

Have you got the image in your head ? Your worst day out ever ?

Now double that thought, add an enormous amount of insincereity and smugness. Now imagine that everyone you are with is vaccuous. And you're there. Yes, you too could go to the following event (as advertised on Iain Dale's blog)

I'd rather drill holes in my feet !


jailhouselawyer said...

I would quite like to see the three-legged donkey put through his paces...though to be honest it would be less cruel if he was put down.

Anonymous said...

So you'd want to spend a day with Ming talking about eco-taxes?

Nich Starling said...

No I wouldn't Justin. However, i have sat at the top table with Ming at a dinner and he is very entertaining indeed.

Iain Dale said...

As is David Cameron!

Anonymous said...

I've had one friend describe Cameron as the one of the rudest people he has met and another Tory friend describe him in less polite terms that that.