New classroom technology is damaging teachers eyesight

When I return back to school in September, my classroom will be fitted out with a new interactive whiteboard. I have used one of these before and they really enhance lessons and learning whilst helping make some mundane lessons seem a little bit more fun for kids.

What I have never been told and never had explained to me as that there are health risks associated with using whiteboards. There are ways, quite simple ways, of avoiding these risks, but they have never been explained to me or anyone else I know.

It is good to read HERE that there are people trying to make the relevant authorities aware of the risks, but it seems that until a teacher goes blind, nobody in a position to warn teachers is is really interested in the risks.


JRD168 said...

I too am getting an interactive whiteboard - woohoo! I've found when using them before that there's a bit of a knack involved to ducking beneath the beam and still retaining your composure. It's all down to how high up the projector is I think...

Brian B said...

The "shadow problem" is always an issue. There are other alternatives though. I discuss my optimal classroom over my my blog

Good luck with your interactive whiteboard!