Latvian girls are SO easy - That should come as a relief to Essex girls

Hat tip to Kiwi blog for unearthing this.

It appears that of all the nationalities in Europe, Latvian girls are the "easiest".

Can I hear a collective sigh from the girls of Wickford, Billericay and Basildon ?


Duncan Borrowman said...

I never noticed...

Onlinefocus Team said...

Pleeeeeease drop the cheap sterotype jibes, Nich. Total sense of humour failure for me here, I'm afraid.

For your guidance, the Wickford section on our constituency executive is young, female, intelligent, attractive and educated.

This sort of joke was fleetingly funny about 15 years ago.

Nich Starling said...

Of course, because nothing is EVER said about people from Norfolk is it.

For your information, two of my friends who I still know from University were from Wickford and Billericay. I doubt they they would mind at all about this joke.

Ieva from Riga said...

I blame the blunt Latvian men and the 18% inflation :D
Not easy myself but I know few girls that can't stand the temptation to be noticed, hear a compliment and have some quality sex once in a while... Living in other countries I have noticed that Latvian girls' standards are still quite high. At least they are not flashing their boobs in McDonalds in wee hours and not peeing in the streets like English girls... All we need is LOVE or a bit of attention and good sex ;)