Whatever would Tory bloggers be saying if it had been a Lib Dem Lord ?

I wonder what Iain Dale and others would have been saying if THIS story about a tax exile Lord was a Lib Dem or Labour Lord. According to the BBC

"When Lord Laidlaw was proposed for a working peerage in 2004 he agreed to a Lords' Appointments Commission request to renounce his tax exile status. "

According to the same report, he has not done so.

P.S. As Iain Dale has linked to this story and because at least one dim Tory has posted a comment saying I have failed to respond (even though I had more than an hour before he posted), it might be worth people reading the whole of my blog, not just this story before anyone else leaves a comment.

P.P.S. I am happy to have "altered" the wording to clarify a point I was making. I have used the direct quote from the BBC website. I previous stated that tax exiles were not alllowed to make donations to UK political parties. If it is not the law that this is the case, it certainly ought to be !


Anonymous said...

So he has answered your question in the way every Conservative supporter I know would. How about answering his story about a BNP-supporting LibDem leader?

Nich Starling said...

Oh dear Stupid stupid Richard. You left this message at 21:14 gmt. I posted a response to Iain's blog more than an hour ago and two stories to my own blog more than an hour ago (just before 20:00 gmt.)

How abour Richard learning to read or indeed looking at the whole of my blog, not just Iain's link before you send a comment that highlights just how dim you are ?

Anonymous said...

Err. Wrong. The rule is that people not registered to vote in the UK may not make donations to political parties. Anybody who has been resident in the UK for the last 15 years may be registered to vote and hence make a donation to a political party.

Many people go abroad to live or work for a few years (and fall out of the UK tax net for a while) and remain party members and donors. Nothing wrong with that and not illegal nor is it intended to be. In fact it is all part of a healthy participation in democracy.

Get your facts right before you start criticising others.

Nich Starling said...

Good stuff Mark, and thanks for the information. I have made ammendments (as you can see).

I do state in my blog overview

"This blog isn't written to be agreed with, but if you disagree, let me know and perhaps I can learn from you"

In this case I have, although I would like to see it made illegal for tax exiles to make donations.

What a lot of people are missing is that I simply asked what would Iain or other tory bloggerss ahve said if the boot was on the other foot ? This point seems to have been ignored.

jailhouselawyer said...

A honour bought by however it is dressed up is not a honour at all but a disgrace.

I once read about the Norfolk Broads and found them to be full of pot holes like B roads in any other part of the country.