A funny from school today

When helping a boy undo a knot in his sewing today in a Design Technology lesson, another second boy came over to me and said in an urgent, rather pained voice " I've just stuck a needle right up my foreskin !"

The first boy I had been dealing with who had the knot in his work looked at me with a look of horror on his face, we both turned and looked at the second boy who was in pain with his needle.

"Shall I show you ?" asked the boy

I turned again to look at the boy I was helping. A look of sheer horror came across his face and I think mine too. We both looked back at the second boy with the needle problem.

Suddenly, he stuck his finger out, covered in blood and said "Look, the needle went right in to the foreskin"

A sigh of relief came from the first boy, and I smiled back, we both turned to the second boy, the one with the blood on his finger.

"Did you mean forefinger, not foreskin ?" I asked.

"Yes, that's what I said, forefinger", replied the second boy.

The first boy turned to me, the one who I had been helping in the first place and said "He didn't say forefinger, but I'm relieved that's what it actually was !"

Relieved ? I should say. Sometimes you cannot make up what goes on in school.


Jonny Wright said...

Are you aiming for a record number of plugs from Iain Dale, or are you just going through a bit of a purple patch?

Great story, though. The things kids come up with! Incidentally, I remember a guy I knew making a similar mistake, except he did it whilst talking to the local Rabbi. I kid you not. Cue an awkward mixture of hilarity and embarrassment ...

Nich Starling said...

I think the first link was Iain being kind, but I do seem to be in a good blogging frame of mind at the moment.