Another funny tale from school

In view of the stunning response to yesterday's funny story, I'll re-post this one from a few months ago. Again, it is true and happened where I work.

We had a visit from a high schoo teacher who had come to speak to our pupils about the transfer to High School next September.

Next day, we had a parent come in, looking a little confused and wanting urgent clarification of what the High School had actually said.

The mother says "My son is very worried about what he has been told. You see, he's very worried about one thing in particular"

"What's that", replies the teacher

"Its, well, its a bit awkward, but he is worried because he was told by the High School teacher that they have to have sex when they are 14 and they have to have it in the school hall with everyone else", replies the mother.

After a long pause, and the teacher thinking for a while back to what the High School had said, suddenly it comes back to her, "I think he's got it wrong, they said you have to have SAT's when you are 14, in the Sports hall, with everyone else".

Mum goes away, looking a bit embarrassed, but also slightly relieved.

Still, nice to know that some children don't want to have sex at 14, well, not in front of the whole school in the sports hall !


Anonymous said...

Silly mum, she must have realised her child had heard incorrectly. Anyway, if the child is 10 or 11 now, who knows if those SATS will still be taking place when the child reaches 14.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that made my day! Even worth a link I feel!

Ah, being a teacher doesn't sound that bad.