Who airs their dirty washing on Iain Dale's blog ?

This isn't a diatribe against Iain Dale. He runs a great blog, the only problem is that it is biased heavily against the Liberal Democrats and obviously pro Tory.

So the question has to be, irrespective of the merits of the argument, who would use a Tory blog, an opponent of the Lib Dems, to air their problems and dirty washing ?

Read the article HERE, which to Iain's credit he prints largely without comment.

I just wonder would someone who is worried about the Lib Dems really go to Iain Dale with the story ? The problem is, for people like me, that those outside of the London bubble and are happy with the way recent local selections have taken place, happy with our councillors, and are happy with our MP's, the point scoring of "who is on what committee ?" seem trivial. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't. But I have to question the motives of anyone who gives ammunition to the opposition and e-mail's tittle tattle and conspiracies to Tory bloggers.

This is obviously a "big issue" for group of people, but I would ask, why isn't it being discussed by Lib Dems ? In my case, is it because I am not in the bubble ? Is it because I do not necessarily trust the view of people who silently and secret brief people but who won't put their names to anything and believe that they "know best".

Your comments are always welcome, but can people stick to the issue "Why would people use the Tories to air their views ?" and "why are a small group doing secret briefings ?"


Anonymous said...

Dunno. One possibility, though, is that he or she couldn't get their concerns taken seriously in the Lib Dems?

Unknown said...

Have they tried ? I received one comment today on a previous posting which was defamatory and I had to alter it. If the basis of people's arguments is to defame other people posting anonymously (so I would be sued) then that is no way to progress an argument.

I am not party hack. I am leaving the council in May and I am very firmly taking a back seat in politics. I am not even going to be a canvasser/deliverer for a couple of years (my last act will be to be agent for my father's re-election campaign). So I am not part of th system yet nobody has contacted me.

Anonymous said...

No real Lib Dem would. Anyone could have sent that e-mail to Iain so unless he reveals his source I will just regard this post as utter nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you are an excellent councillor - sorry to hear that you're standing down. You're a credit to the Lib Dems and they're lucky to have you - as are your constituents. Enjoy retirement when it arrives.

Unknown said...

Justin, I am so looking forward to a year without any involvement in elections. I have a relatively easy job getting my dad re-elected (he usually get about 65% of the vote, so I can do that standing on my head. But I tire of the politics involved and, to be honest, I am looking forward to having a real life.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you. I stood in 2002,3&6, acted as an agent in 2006 for 29 candidates and have been Association Chairman twice (still doing it). I have also acted as a campaign manager for various candidates in addition to helping out in countless by-elections. The nasty loudmouth swines in the Conservative Party do very little - certainly not as much as I do, yet they can always find the time and energy to criticise others. Is it the same in the Lib Dems?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure it is the same. A higher % of our MP's had to work to win a seat, not inherit it, so I think our MP's tend to appreciate grass roots campaigners more.

I did once have a local "big wig" in the Lib Dems have a go because I used to wear a baseball cap in my 20's when I canvassed. Pathetic !

Duncan Borrowman said...

Two points.
1. I am not part enough of any "bubble" to comment on any of the substance of the posting. But I agree that there are other forums this could be done in. Parties are broad churches. There is always going to be dissent and disagreement - even staff have private views! But people need to show sense. However growth of teh internets means the spreading of dissent is so much easier, so the dynamics of parties is changing fundamentally.

2. It is good to take a break, and do something human. Not only fr yourself, but it is better that politicians have some other experience. Always keep the door ajar for a return though.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, are you accusing me of making it up, because if you are, you must think I have a very sad life that I feel the need to do that. Maybe you do. I printed it because it was sent to me in response to two posts I wrote last week which were poo-poohed by various LibDems. This email shows my original posts were completely valid. The author of the email said a lot more besides, which I have not printed as I do not wish to risk the person being identified. Indeed, I have been in email correspondence all day with the person to ensure that that didn;t happen. It's called protecting sources, I think. I made no comment on the email as I think it speaks for itself.

Unknown said...

Iain, I certainly made the point that it was to your credit that you did not add further comment.

Unknown said...

To be fair though Iain, if I was to print all that I know about bullying from very VERY senior officials in the Tory party towards people in the run up to the general election, it would not be a story that would require the word "crisis", "turmoil" or "meltdown".

Having been to a meeting today with Lib Dems, nobody talked about it because nobody is particularly interested in internal party machinations. I still am "poo pooing" the story in the terms you gave it. There is no tumoil or crisis, merely disagreement, parhaps arguing, but no meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Duncan makes some very fair points. However I will ask a single question. Does Duncan really believe that an open letter to say Liberal Democrat News would have been printed? See Penny Wilkins letter.

Secondly to Nich and others who criticise. Have you ever been told that if you continue with a complaint it will 'destroy' you? Even Ming, who I voted for, has said recently he will 'deal with' anyone who criticises him or even questions his actions as leader. Is this a positive open door policy?

I thoroughly endorse Duncan's second point. But would ask too if his advice is general advice given out amongst and heeded by his colleagues.

Duncan Borrowman said...

My comments on my blog and any other blogs are my personal views. I have contractual obligations, which I take seriously, that limit what i say in a public forum. Indeed I agree with those limits. I will not make comments generally on party organisational issues. If I only comment in the positive when I agree, I would be portraied as a "Cowley Street mouthpiece". If I showed too much dissent I could be in trouble! Like all, there are things I agree with, and things I disagree with - so I do not comment on the subject.
Lib Dem News is not Pravda, it does accept dissent - I have on occassion been editor. I can't say it would or wouldn't be published by Deirdre - but it is possible.

My comments on taking a break is based on personal experience - in my case enforced by the electorate, but also of others.

Grace has taken an enforced break - and wanted to see the back of it all - but is now coming round after 7 months break to thinking of what is in store for the future.