Couldn't Norwich City Council find something more important to spend £27,000 on ?

Norwich City Council, it has been reported, has spent £27,000 on working out that just 41% want Norwich to have unitary status.

However, the leader of Norwich City Council, Cllr Stephen Morphew is pleased with this response and has said he was encouraged by the findings. Quite why he is pleased is unknown, as surely 41% is hardly a ringing endorsement.

Norfolk County Council is apparently now set to follow this with a further £30,000 to be spent on encouraging people not to support unitary status.

I work in the city, there is no outcry from people I know who live in the city demanding that they have unitary status, so why cant all the council just get together and use this cash to reduce council tax or improve services ?

I could be political and say what do you expect from Labour and Tory Councils, though I guess there may be similar problems elsewhere with Lib Dems councils, indeed the Lib Dems in Norwich have in the past pushed for unitary status and may well have spent money on this project too. I hope they have finally seen the light and realised there are better things to spend money on.

Thankfully this is not a problem for Lib Dem run North Norfolk who have wasted no money on arguing for unitary status.


Antony said...

Couldn't agree more and have a similar entry on my blog.

BTW Nich, why do you seem to have more Norwich stories on your blog than even ones about Lamb or North Norfolk?

Antony said...

p.s. The LibDems on the City Council approved the Unitary strategy, the money for this survey and 150k more to be spent in the next 3 months on this.

Nich Starling said...

Antony, maths I assume is not your strong point.

Three stories in November about Norwich City Council and eight about North Norfolk and/or Norman Lamb.

Quite why you think it is the other way round is confusing, but even if it was, this blog is called NorfolkBlogger, not NorthNorfolkBlogger !

Anonymous said...

Deary me Anthony, made yourself look a bit silly. LOL.

Antony said...

Oh I see ... didn't answer the substantive point then. Oh dear Nich, made yourself look a bit silly.

And I said "why do you SEEM" ... literacy not your strong point then?

Nich Starling said...

Antony, "seem" can be used in the same way as "appear", which means that what appeared to you, was not correct.

As for the substantive point, I answered it. If you think that the substantive point is made in a P.S., then its as well you don't teach literacy.

Anonymous said...

Nic/ Antony hey - stop squabbling, two teachers eh? How many teachers does it take to agree? You both oppose unitary and reckon the money spent on the issue from all sides is a waste.

Nich Starling said...


Thanks for the comments. I agree with the sentiments.

Antony said...

Everybody in politics knows the most important line of any letter is the p.s. Nich


Nich Starling said...

And there, you have exposed why your comment about my teaching of literacy was wrong.

"In politics", you say, "the most important line of any letter is the p.s.".

However, "In literacy", which YOU broguht up, it isn't !

I guess that's why you teach politics and I teach literacy !

Antony said...

... and why I have the best value added in the department! ;-)