Bloggers that don't blog - Labour bloggers needed

The excellent Dizzy Thinks, possibly the most cerebral and least reactionary Tory Blog out there in the blogsphere makes an excellent point today about Stephen Pound MP and his blog.

I have been linking to Stephen Pound's blog since I set this blog up just two months ago. I did this because I have heard Stephen Pound many times on the radio and on TV. I don't always agree with him but find him funny, witty and sometimes a little controversial. However, his blog has been something of a dud. He posts to it rarely, what he says is of little importance, and the time has come to replace it in my blog roll with a better Labour blog.

When I set this blog up, I wanted, as much as possible, to be fair and open minded, which is why I instantly put links to other political bloggers from other parties. It is interesting to note that one of the regular Tories who reads this site often attacks me for not being fair when his own blog contains no links at all to bloggers from other political parties.

So, I am looking for good Laobur blogs to link to from this blog. Any ideas, please let me know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the answer is... that there are none. I've not come across any which I'd regard as top class. The only one I might recommend is Could Have Been a Contender which is run by Adrian Mcmenamin, who was Labour's chief press officer at the last election.

Other than that, I really have no idea. You might look at Iain Dale's list of a couple of months ago. It's an interesting question, actually, why is Labour SO bad at taking advantage of new media?

Unknown said...

John, don't be so ignorant: if you don't know, why not say that you don't know, rather than coming out with the Iain Dale-esque trope about there either being no Labour bloggers, or none that are "top class", or none that you like or can be bothered to read?

I can tell you that there are over 330 Labour blogs, 6 of which have already made your blogroll...

There's a whole world out there waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't say that I don't know of any - I tried to be helpful by suggesting one that I find to be mildly enjoyable and which I've promoted on my site in the past!

It's nice to see that you've been analysing my blogroll closely, but it's certainly not a list of the blogs I read. When I happen to come across blogs, I tend to link them. The fact that I've linked six Labour blogs though and can't even remember their political affiliation doesn't say much for their content!

If there are over 330 Labour blogs, then I'm sure Norfolk Blogger and I would be happy to hear from you which ones are worth reading. Like Norfolk Blogger, I asked around sometime ago for a decent Labour blog I would enjoy, and no one came back with anything. I talked to a lot of Labour people who are into blogging and they didn't have a clue either.

And anyway, if I don't know of any "top class" Labour blogs, having spent a large amount of time in recent months reading different sites, then doesn't that suggest that Labour does have a problem with new media?

Unknown said...

I have to say to B4L, since starting this blog I have had Tories posting heavily to it and reading it. I am a Lib Dem, but Iain Dale, Dizzy and Guido have all posted comments here and Iain and Dizzy have linked me to their sites. It indicates to me, as someone who has campaigned against Conservatives all my political life, that they are more open and receptive to listening to others than Labour are.

As John Wilkes says, where are they, are they linking to and referring to blogs of other parties ?

Iain Dale said...

Kerron Cross, Bob Piper, Mars Hill and Tom Watson are certainly all worth linking to. But I would insist that they link back to you as well!

Unknown said...

Thanks Iain. I'll contact them.

Unknown said...

Sorted. Now have Bob Piper's blog linked instead of Stephen Pound.

Anonymous said...

What about Tom watson's blog.

That would be great link for you and for Labour and the causes of Labour.

I contribute all the time.
For stoke and the causes of stoke.
Tom knows the truth.
gary :-))))))