Saying one thing on Flu when in opposition, doing another when in government

The Tories (and let's not forget the Lib Dems) are the government of the day, but have learnt nothing from the swine flu pandemic of last year and have allowed flu to become a problem again this year when it could so easily have been dealt with.

I blogged last year that I thought the Tories were showing some good common sense on flu, asking important questions. The problem is, now they are in power, they have shown that this was all flannel, intended to garner coverage in the press, and that they meant none of it.

The level of infect amongst under fives is 184 per 10,000. It is classed as an epidemic if the figure reaches 200, so we are only just short of epidemic levels within this age group. yet can you get your under five vaccinated against flu ? The answer is no you can't.

This government, like the last one, has a ridiculous policy of refusing parents the option of getting their under fives vaccinated unless they are in an at risk group. What this ignores is that under fives are an at risk group !

The government only believe you are at risk as an under five if you are suffering from an underlying medical condition. But this list of underlying conditions is very selective, as we found out last year when out asthmatic two year old was told by the doctors that he had "the wrong type of asthma", so was not entitled to a swine flu jab. So on 23rd December 2009, my son came down with swine flue, and what followed was a pretty awful week of timetabled pouring of Calpol and Calprofen, in rotation ever three hours, in an attempt to reduce his sky high temperature whilst keeping him properly hydrated.

So what happened this year ? He was refused a flu jab, because at the age of three, he is not "at risk".

Why doesn't the government offer jabs to any child under 18 whose parents want them to have it ? Because it wants to save money.

Why didn't the government advertise the flu jab campaign this year ? Because it wanted to save money.

Why are people dying needlessly this year from flu ? Because the government want to save money.

This government know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.


Trevor stables said...


This is a really important subject. The last Government bought 100m doses of the swin flu jab and only a small percentage was used...why? Because of the way the GPs moved slowly and principally only did what they were going to get really well paid for and sorry, damn the rest of the public!

Spanish flu in 1918 was mild for the 1st year and then came back with a vengeance a year later. Do we learn nothing?

We have already millions of doses of the flu vaccine in stock but inertia is preventing the whole population being done.
We now live in France and everyone was offered it last year ...pity the UK is so far behind...is that why the infection rates are so much higher in the UK than Europe?
GP's need to get their arses in gear and press the government to start vaccinating everyone. If the NHS resources were put into action for a mass vaccination programme it could happen quickly... and think... of all those intensive care beds that would be available not to say how many lives would be saved.

Its not a question of the lack of an advertising schedule more the will to get everyone vaccinated with vaccines that are in stock and paid for!

Trevor Stables

Norfolk Blogger said...

All very good points well made.

Steph in wymondham said...

I completely agree with everything you have said. I have 3 children, my 7 yr old son has confirmed asthma and was vaccinated when he came into contact with the flu a couple of months ago, however, my daughter is not quite 2 but has never had a cold without getting a chest infection, has been hospitalised twice with chest problems and had pneumonia - and yes you've guessed it...is not on their 'at risk' list!!!!
I've said I'll pay for this jab for her but have been given nothing from my GP Surgery other than 'you'll have to shop around at some local pharmacies'!.
What sort of message are they trying to send?!?!