Well done Boris

I rarely give praise to Boris Johnson, but he deserves it for THIS action he has taken.

It's clear that FIFA are utterly corrupt, preferring to talk about the evils of the English Press rather than questioning why in Russia journalists are murdered for speaking out against the government.

Let's ensure Mr Blatter never sullies these shores again, and if he does, let's make sure he's paying for the privilege.


dazmando said...

Well done Boris indeed. What ever the rights and wrongs in showing the panorama program. There no doubt that FIFA is perhaps the most corrupt sports authority there is.

Michael Kilpatrick said...

WHAT? Blimey, what planet are you on? I've never read anything so ridiculous. You should be condemning Boris Johnson for ever having offered FIFA executives any free rooms in the Dorchester in the first place. I don't know the context of the original offer, but what else is it except bribery (even if those offered the free hotel rooms aren't the same people involved in the voting it's still indirect bribery, sucking up to the organisation as a whole).

Besides, what legitimate reason could there be for FIFA executives to be offered free accommodation in London during the 2012 Olympics?

You're praising a man for withdrawing a bribe - closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted, so to speak.

Or looking at it from the other angle you could say that Boris is indignantly withdrawing a bribe after finding out that some people within FIFA are the sort of people who accept bribes!

I'm flabbergasted.