Let's ban these referees who want to be the star of the game - Yes Michael Oliver, I'm talking about you !

Having watched Norwich City be robbed this evening by a 25 year old "fast tracked" referee, who isn't fit to ref a Sunday league pub game, you have to ask what is wrong with the way referees are trained that this man is refereeing a Championship football match.

What was a competitive, but one sided match, was turned on its head by an abysmal decision by Michael Oliver, England's youngest top flight referee, to send of Norwich striker Grant Holt, and in turn see a 3-1 Norwich lead quickly turn in to a 3-3 game, with a dubious penalty given to Reading to aid their cause.

After this game, who are we talking about ? The ref. Well done Michael Oliver. You're the star, You must be very pleased when in truth you should hang your head in shame !


Anonymous said...

Utterly agree. I found this blog after watching the Norwich game as a neutral (Watford fan). And googling Micheal Oliver after what has to be the worst refereeing performance I have witnessed in 40 years of watching football.

Felt very sorry for Holt and Norwich, you guys did well to get a draw seeing as it was 12 vs 10. I hope the FA review his performance and condem him to the Blue Sq

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for your comments. unfortunately, the FA will back this guy to the hiolt because he is being fast tracked.

he told Paul Lambert (Norwich Manaager) that Holt went "Over the ball", yet all the replays showed he didn't. The ref also had a fabulous view (as was shown on TV), so it says that the refs eyesight is either very poor or that he is a liar. Either way, he shouldn't be let near a football pitch again.

Mr Me said...

This is shocking ageism. You wouldnt have dared say this if he was the oldest, or the only female for example.

Other than that I agree. Rubbish decision.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You presumably know the phrase "with age comes experience".

We might also add to that that some experience if playing, at any level, tells a referee something about how you react to bad tackles and your body shape when making poor tackles. My instant reaction was that Holt had done very little wrong. This was based on 20 years of playing on Sunday mornings. This ref has refereed for 10 years and not played, from what I have read. He shouldn't be let anywhere near a pitch again

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