I wasn't go to vote in the Lib Dem Presidential elections until ...

I wasn't going to vote in the Lib Dem presidential elections until I saw the Tim Farron video linked to below on Paul Walter's blog.

I have voted now and I have voted for Tim. I urge you to watch the video too.


Anonymous said...

Yep, voting for Tim too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good especially re Thatcher and Cuts

but thats what Lib Dem Ministers are doing

thousands of jobs axed with NO committment to reinstate them when the economy improves

Thats why the Tory MPs were jumping for joy at the CSR

laughing while working class people lost their jobs

Anonymous said...

Senior civil servants, who will make up a number of the job loses and heads of quangos are hardly working class.

Anonymous said...

what 1.5 million heads of quangos and senior civil servants

lots of Linrarians, school meal, nurses and police officers