Having their cake and eating it over the BBC

The Tories have got their way and emasculated the BBC by forcing through what will be a 16% fall in funding over the next six years whilst ensuring that the cost of minority channels like S4C are now paid for by License fee payers across the country, not just Wales.

So where will the BBC gets it money from in order not to become a second class broadcaster ?

There is a simple answer to this. BBC Worldwide, the BBC's commercial make a very good profit each year, helping subsidise the BBC. But whilst the BBC makes money from BBC worldwide, those very MPs who so want to see the license fee cut are at the same time calling for BBC worldwide to be sold off.



AndrewM said...

The BBC will also have to pay out of the reduced licence fee for the BBC World Service, BBC Monitoring and the rollout of superfast broadband and digital radio:


I thought the Liberal Democrats supported the BBC? (And I say that as someone who was inspired to join the party before the election as well as voting Lib Dem, and now thoroughly regret it.)

Alan said...

Interesting how you equate money and quality. I presume by that standard you believe Sky is the highest quality broadcaster in the UK.

On reviewing the BBC accounts, I find that the bits I consider to be quality (e.g. drama, radio) are also relatively cheap, whilst vast amounts of money are spent on "Celeb" or "Talent" game shows, or importing shows from the US.

Perhaps less money will stop them from chasing Saturday night ratings -- where they are trying to be just like everyone else -- and concentrate on the things that make them different.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Alan, that old argument is the classic Daily Mail line.

Everyone who loathes the BBC because it stands up to the Murdoch Press wants the BBC to become irrelevant, to have less viewers, to fail to appeal to the general public, and upon reaching this point, they can then justify turning it in to what PBS is in America.

Anonymous said...

"whilst ensuring that the cost of minority channels like S4C are now paid for by License fee payers across the country, not just Wales."

Err, this already happens.

BBC Wales is funded by everyone. BBC Scotland is funded by everyone. BBC Northern Ireland is funded by everyone. BBC England is funded by everyone.

There are overlap with regard to national news and programs, but depending on your location there are different programs in between.

All they've done is lump S4C with BBC Wales. It doesn't cost YOU any extra - the budget has been cut and they now have to provide twice as much from it.

In essence, this just forces BBC Wales to provide welsh language programs too under the S4C brand, despite only a minority in wales speaking welsh.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with Sky and murdoch

he has no political agenda does he

whats the point of independent news

what a waste

English Pensioner said...

What annoys me is that I cannot view the BBC World Service television in he UK, although I can when I'm abroad on holiday. It's a far better service than the BBC news available here and not so politically oriented.