Was the senior Catholic attacking the UK or multiculturalism ?

I was a little surprised to see that a senior aide to the Pope has described Britain as "third world", with the Catholic Church trying to justify his comment as being about the UK's "multicultural society".

Either way, it is hardly the sort of comment we want to hear from the Catholic Church. When you imagine all the names that decent law abiding people who enjoy our multicultural society might want to say about the Catholic Church, it is probably as well that this aide to the Pope has suddenly developed severe gout that will keep him from our shores.

I am sure the Pope, a famously reserved and more circumspect man,  will be much more polite and diplomatic and that his visit is a great success.


Anonymous said...

"people who enjoy our multicultural society"

indeed, we all love not hearing much English spoken in several areas of the UK anymore.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, many people like a Curry or Chinese. Can't imagine that being very popular in the Vatican.

This machine kills fascists said...

either way, an ex-Nazi holding onto evidence of child abuse, never mind trying to cover it up, should be run out of town. That and the condoms stuff, the homophobia and the collusion with Nazi Germany

Adolf Eichmann, Dr Josef Mengele, Franz Stangl, all escaped justice through the ‘ratline’ that ran straight through the Vatican state in Rome. Many of the worst war criminals were aided to South America by the catholic church.

I'm amazed how much people forget or choose to overlook