Why would Charles Kennedy resign ?

The silly season is upon us and Labour politicians, desperate to breathe some life in to possibly the dullest leadership campaign in history are trying to make a story out of the possibility of Charles Kennedy defecting to Labour.

There are many reasons why CK would be unlikely to defect to Labour. These reasons have been discussed at length elsewhere in great detail, but for me, the main reason why Charles would find it hard to join the Labour Party is Iraq. Iraq was the defining issue during Charles Kennedy's leadership of the Lib Dems, and whilst Kennedy was putting his head above the parapet, Labour poured scorn upon him. This derision from Labour would be difficult to forget.

But more important than Iraq, Charles, like me, almost certainly feels that he still is a Lib Dem, its just that the parliamentary party doesn't look like the Lib Dems anymore. Charles, like Simon Hughes, are still true standard bearers of the Lib Dem cause, and we need them desperately to keep the Liberal Democrats true to the values we campaigned for at the General Election.

It's not Charles who should be leaving the party, it's that a number of Lib Dem MPs need to remember that they are Liberal Democrats, not Tories !


Neil said...

I agree with the sentiments, but why diid he takke it so long to dismiss the claims and allow it to be kept alve by the media all of saturday.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion, right or wrong, that politicians all over the world are basically nuts.

Anonymous said...

I would very much like Kennedy to re join the Labour Party

but actually presently I hope he and Nich stay and fight

our jobs depend upon it

we also need progressive Lib Dems tooppose abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board

no seriously

At some point their may come a time to you may feelyou have toleave

but that should be to a seperate grouping that can secure full rights within any or no party

Hope you will be at Burston

English Pensioner said...

"Why would Charles Kennedy resign?"
Being a cynic I would ask:
"What difference would it make if he did, and would the general public
care anyay?