Time for a Labour Conspiracy ?

I read only today the rather manipulated (in my opinion) story of Sunny Hundal, the man behind Liberal Conspiracy, joining the Labour Party. I note he wrote the article last week, but the picture of his online application was from five weeks ago (stage managed ?), leading me to believe that everything I have ever thought about the Liberal Conspiracy site is right.

For starters, it has barely ever been Liberal. Its ethos is always to support Labour. The biggest conspiracy is the name itself, which was always a misleading title seemed to me to be aimed at getting hitswhilst there was a Labour government, where the title Labour Conspiracy would have been a turn off.

Now that Mr Hundal has left, I am sure it will do his media work the power of good, and if it stops him turning up and speaking to the media as a liberal, that is certainly no bad thing, as I rarely felt he was ever someone who could speak for those of us who are liberal in persuasion.

So Mr Hundal, enjoy your time in a party that starts illegal wars, runs its fiscal policy by spending money the country does not have, and enjoy being in a party that introduced some of the most authoritarian powers every introduced. Liberal ? I think not.

So how about a name change for your blog ? How about a bit of honesty ?


Jane said...

Very true. It was news to me that Sunny wasn't a Labour member already. His blog has always been Labour Left, and often exhibited hostility to the Liberal Democrats even before the election. The choice of name for the blog was always a mystery. I agree with you that there was something stage-managed about his decision to join the Labour Party.

Quiet_Man said...

Ah, but the soft left have always considered themselves liberals, hence the easy move by the social democrats from Labour to Liberals. Even you Nich have Labour/leftist sympathies and would rather the Lib Dems have coagulated with Labour rather than the Tories despite Labours abysmal record over the last 13 years.
Sunny merely proves the point.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Quiet Man, I am a Liberal and a liberal, which means I am opposed to Conservatism in all its forms. That's why I am anti Tory. Some people see that as a leftist tendency, the whole "If you are not Conservative you must be Labour" argument, but that has been so outdated for many years.

Anonymous said...

But didn't you use the tagline of being fair and open minded at one point Nich, when you clearly a LibDem? Glasshouses and stones...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous, your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

"When you clearly a LibDem ?" You wrote ? What ??????

Glasshouses, I think not.

Anonymous said...

Nich - you can see the typo slip. Now answer the substantive point.

You claimed to be fair and open minded.

Yet you were neither as you are a paid-up LibDem.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Your point seems to be "I don't like Lib Dems"

What is there to discuss.

I don't like anonymous posters.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Again, you make no actual arguments. your simple point is that as a Lib Dem I am not fair and open minded. You give no evidence, you just offer your opinion. That is not a sunject to discuss.

Site some evidence, come up with something I have written, in short, bring forward something to actually discuss.

Chris Paul said...

Lots of Labour supporters are socially liberal cf new member Sunny. Few are economically liberal or laissez faire. Guido is supposedly a libertarian. And there are Liberal Democrats who don't get flying colours in either social or economic liberalism. IMO. There's a matrix. or matrices. And continuum(s). No party owns the word liberal or indeed conservative.