The online voter registration site with no security certificate

I received a letter today from Broadland District Council encouraging me to register as a voter as part of their annual canvass of electors.

The form, which is actual rather confusing, seems to be encouraging me to register online if I have no changes to make to my details. The website itself is oneI have never heard of before called http://www.register-online.co.uk/.

The problem is, this website has no security certificate and Internet Explorer is encouraging me not to access this website, as can be seen by the screen shot below.

The issue of companies phoning local residents in an internet scam, claiming to be able to clear viruses from computers but actually downloading spyware on to PCs is something I have recently taken up with a local resident, so I am shcoked that the council should be encoraging me to use a website without a valid security certificate.

How many other companies are using http://www.register-online.co.uk/ as well as Broadland ?


Anonymous said...

I know Rhondda Cynon Taff are, and thats 235,000 people.
I did it last week, and I had no warning then, so I assume it was working/ valid then?

Anonymous said...

It seems someone has cocked up.

Anonymous said...

Newport City Council is, had my form least week

Chris Paul said...

My council uses:


And a freephone number and an SMS service (which I used myself).

Anonymous said...

Given that you are a Broadland Councillor, have you bothered notifying them of this issue or are you only interested in slating the Council on your blog purely because it is a Tory run Council? I sincerely hope that you have notified the appropriate individuals and put the security of Broadland's residents before the political point scoring against your own Council, as you make no reference to having done so in your original post.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The security certificate is now up to date. This is old news. Do newspapers post updates to every old story ?