Deluded Norwich labour - Any depths, any lie will do !

In Norwich we are in the unique position of having local elections this September because the labour Government decided, unlawfully as it turned out, to cancel the elections this May after they decided (unlawfully as it turned out) to impose a Unitary Council on Norwich which was contrary to all the criteria laid down under which a Unitary Authority should be created.

I don't want to go in to all the details, but Norwich's Unitary bid cost the Labour run council millions, no cost benefit was clearly identified that would justify the unitary council and the option the Labour Government went for was in contradiction to the rules the Labour government had made clear at the start of the process. So when the Labour government decided, pretty much on a whim to cancel the local elections this year in Norwich (without a hint of complaint from either the labour Party locally or the Green Party), Norwich's fate seemed set.

The thing is, what the Labour government did was actually unlawful, and their actions were struck down in court after an appeal by Norfolk County Council against he decision made by the government.

Now you would expect some humility from a person if they had acted unlawfully, perhaps some contrition ? but no, not from the Labour Party. Instead in their leaflets they try to whitewash the fact that the Labour government broke the rules, rode roughshod over democracy and the law of the land, and instead they seek to claim the moral high ground and blame everyone else for the fact that the Labour Government acted without following the rules.

Read the statement on their leaflets going out in Norwich.

Notice the phrases "Norwich people have been lumbered with the costly and unnecessary by-elections in all 13 wards".

These elections would have been considerably less costly if they could have been held on the same day as the general election, which is what would have happened if the Labour government had not cancelled the elections in May of this year. Do Norwich Labour mention that ?

They also claim the elections are "unnecessary". Why is this ? Do Labour think some councillors should be allowed to stay on the council for five years ? This statement is utterly ridiculous, but highlight why labour have gone from having two MPs in Norwich to zero in less than a year.

Nationally we see the Labour leadership hopefuls blaming everyone else for the mess the country is in financially. and locally in Norwich the Labour Party seek to blame everyone else for the mess the government made of local government in the City.

Come on Labour, show us you  have changed. Put your hands up, admit you made errors and mistakes and stop blaming everyone else. 


Anonymous said...

Surely it isn't a by-election, just a normal election. Why are Labour putting "by election" on their leaflets ? Fools !

Anonymous said...

How come all these talented intelligent people who want to exercise power over me didn't know the whole bloody thing was illegal?

We've also had quite powerful Greens for a fair while now and I can't see any difference. The buses are still privatised and useless.

It gets more like some nightmare Chris Morris Brass Eye sketch every day.

Even my word verification to post is an anagram of 'sleazes'

Anonymous said...

lets wait for the result of the elections in Norwich

The people will speak

By the way my local Liberal MP told me he would never go into coalition with the Tories - now hes a Minister

Thats a biggest lie of all

Norfolk Blogger said...

How will waiting for the results shed any light on this ?

You simply ignore the arguments and instead try to justify the Labour lie on the basis "Let electorate might fall for it so its okay".

I've had the guts to criticise the Lib Dems where they are wrong or have misled, so how about some honesty from Labour and their anonymous trolls on here ?

Brian Lawton said...

I am a Lib Dem and Coalition supporter and thought this was an interesting blog. I passed it onto a friend of mine who lives in Norwich, who said:

"My understanding of the legality of the situation is somewhat different from the blogger. Though I'm not at all sure of my facts. My understanding was that the unitary status had been agreed, and so elections were arranged. Because of this, the elections last may were not held. My understanding is that whilst people (inc myself) didn't like the unitary bid, the process was legitimate. The problem came when the coalition government reversed the decision on unitary status. At that point the court decided the councillors needed to go immediately."

If he's right, the blog would appear to be a little misleading, so I'd be interested in the bloggers' thoughts on my friend's understanding.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Then your friend is wrong.

The courts struck down the Labour Government's action becuase they had done theings incorrectly. The court action was taken as a result of action by Norfolk County Council and a Devon Council who objected to the proposlas to Exeter. The action the courts took was completely seperate from any announcements the government had made on the subject. Courts cannot reflect political opinion.

Whilst the coalition had said they would reverse the decision on Unitary for Norwich, this was seperate from the court action.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right Nick. Labour are getting away with this because they are following the line of repeating a lie often enough and then people will believe it.

Anonymous said...

Even Tories say Lib Dems will be destroyed in Norwich elections

What about the vote Lib Dem to stop millionaire Tories general election leaflets - lies as well?????