Is there a more unfriendly experience than the Apple Store ?

I quickly dashed in to Norwich this afternoon after work to get a few things I needed, and suddenly aware that I was next to the Apple Store, I decided to pop in and ask an iPhone related question. Big mistake.

Now I've never been to an Apple Store before and obviously I simply do not understand the rules or know the code.

Nowhere in the shop is there a desk stating the simple words "We're here to help" or "Customer Services", nor does there seem to be any clear or organised system for getting help. At the back of the store is something that resembles a bar with lots of stools and very few staff, with people sat looking bored staring in to space presumably waiting for a member of staff to help them. Having wandered round the store for a good ten minutes trying to catch the eye of a member of staff to no avail, I saw a stand marked "iPhone Connection point". So I waited next to it as some staff went back and forth, again ignoring me. Now having wasted 20 minutes, having no idea who to ask, how to get to speak to someone, where to queue, indeed whether you even have to queue, I left none the wiser and at a loss as to the answer to my question.

Would I go there again ? Not if I could possibly avoid it.


Chris Mills said...

That seems to be the very opposite of my local Apple Store.

Every time I've been in there, there has been someone in a blue shirt (and a lanyard) greeting me within a minute or two, despite me normally visiting during peak times.

Anyway if you want your iPhone questions answered, the O2 shop or Carphone Warehouse are normally very helpful.

Frenetica said...

It doesn't seem very typical! Apple employees are usually missionary nutters (in the best possible way) desperate to convert anyone who willingly crosses their threshold.

If Steve Jobs got to know of your experience he'd go up the wall!

John Tyrrell said...

A bit surprised to hear about your experience.

I own two Apple Computers, and I have to say my experience of the after sales service at my local Apple store has been very impressive indeed.

Norman Rogers said...

I think they assume that the user is more self-sufficient than is realistic. When I bought mine, there was a huge row about compatibility. Sure enough, the old "Microsoft" products didn't mesh cleanly with the Apple products, so I have to go out and buy all new.

North Walsham Guide said...

I popped into the Norwich Apple store just after Christmas as my Ipod had stopped working.
I just went up to someone with a blue apple tshirt on and they done everything they could to get my ipod "back on the road". I left the member of staff to try and get it working for an hour. I cam back and she was still trying to sort it out for me.
They had to order another in for me. I went back a week later, went to the bar. Got my ipod. Sorted.
I was pretty happy with the service. As I said though this was just after Christmas, so it may have changed since then.

jailhouselawyer said...

Er? What was the question?