Lib Dems gain Norwich South

I just want to congratulate Simon Wright on his wonderful victory in Norwich South last night (well, five O'Clock this morning).

I had been helping in Norwich South for most of the last week, and spent polling day running the operation in Bowthorpe, Wensum and New Costessey, so am very pleased to have played my part.

I knew, from twitter, that Simon must have been close to winning because the amount of personal offensive abuse being published on twitter by The Green party aimed at Simon Wright was utterly disgraceful. I hope those Greens think long and hard and will consider apologising for their comments which degrade democracy, denigrate the electorate and speaks volumes about the Green Party.

And for all those who say "It's on loan", the Tories said that about North Norfolk to Norman Lamb in 2001. Norman has a majority of 11,000 votes now ! Well done too to Norman.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your help yesterday !! made a big difference towards that "big" 310 majority : )

Ive given up EVERY weekend for Simon Wright this year plus two weeks of my own annual leave believing we could do it and the feeling after we won was amazing (if you see look east i went straight to Cllr Ben McGilvary for a hug!!)

Simon W has worked tooth and nail for 3 years and deserved to win, i have known him for 6-7 years and i know from personal experience with the way he applies himself that he will be a first rate MP and of course has Norman Lamb to help him out if need be.

Anyone reading this who helped thank you also !!

(2 seats down, 7 to go?! i think?)

Dave Thomas
Norwich South Fanatic

Anonymous said...

I can just see Rupert's face, the arrogant cock.

Sorry, I could say more but I think that sums it up nicely.

In no way did they 'misrepresent' their level of support and chance of winning to Labour voters. No. Oh no. Not them. They're way too clean.

Lib-Lab heaven?

Anonymous said...


Forgot to mention Simon D as well, amazing effort from him !!

Dave T

Norfolk Blogger said...

Is this the same Rupert Read who seemed to expect an apology when the Lib Dems overstated our chances of winning in local elections ?

I seem to recall the Lib Dems did offer a very honourable apology at that time. Will he offer one now ?

Anonymous said...

He's still bleating about the Lib dems claiming it was a two-horse race in Norwich.

Obviously missing the fact that it clearly was a two-horse race.

The idea of Clegg helping Cameron form a government is the most disappointing things I've seen in many, many, years. Quite how Dave will bring 'fairness' is beyond me. Unless he screws the entire working class over equally.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who commented at 17:25, don't be hypocritical. What Clegg is doing is the democratic thing to do and when Labour are little 'c' conservative themselves is it really that big a difference to trying to form a deal with Labour? Ofcourse its not!

I actually think Clegg is playing a very clever game here. If he were to rule out a Lib-Con pact, then Labour could and would fuck us over. By appearing open-minded about it he can get more out of Labour. Its genius.

Either way its nothing to worry about.

And well done Dave mate. I helped a little in Norwich South but nothing compared to how much you did - it paid off in the end though. We unseated Charles Clarke ffs! Fantastic!

Dan Piro

Anonymous said...


it's not about upsetting Charles Clarke, it's about the country and its people. It's not a game.

The conservatives getting in will mean the poor will be walked over and ignored, benefits slashed and services too and big business and the banks will get an even easier ride than under Labour

I don't care for Labour much but I well remember the last Tory government

Anonymous said...

You think I consider this all a game!? When the heck did I even imply that? All I was getting at is that its impressive to unseat a political heavyweight like himself.

You make out the poor have not been walked over and ignored already! Are you forgetting the scrapping of the 10p tax band, the increase in indirect taxes which hurt the poor most, and the fact that -under Labour this is- we have billionaires not paying a penny while their cheffeurs and the like have to pay their fair share.

"Big businesses and banks will get an easier ride too" - oh yeh its ben bloody hard for them in recent years, hasnt it? They were purposefully not properly regulated for years like they wanted, they caused a financial crisis and then got bailed out on terms which they didn't even keep to since they still didn't give out loans to even viable businesses and they still awarded themselves huge bonuses.

And as for big businesses, they get it easy too. They've been raking it in through PFI deals and don't have to pay any tax. Tesco hasn't paid a penny in years for instance.

Services were going to have to get slashed whoever came into power. The current level of spending is truly unsustainable. Labour were going to make the cuts too.

So to conclude - Labour have walked over and ignored the poor, they have given big bussinesses and banks a fantastically easy ride and were going to have to make cuts on serviced anyway. So how the fuck are the Tories any worse than a NewLabour government!? They're NOT! who the fuck do you think you are kidding?

You remember the last tory government? you mean the one which was actually far more economically competent than NewLabour ever has been? pffft.

Anonymous said...

er, I think I said I didn't care for Labour (you could always check up above). They've treated their 'core vote' abysmally and have become Tories Lite.

The legacy of the devastation caused by the last Tory government is very apparent today in the dysfunctional society we have - you know, everyone having to work and neglecting to bring up their children, chav culture, the deregulation of every fucking thing that can be priced and "No such thing as society" etc?

Yeah, I remember the last Tory government very well, and all those chinless wonders like yourself.