Blogging hiatus

After what has been the best fortnight on this blog ever for comments and unique visitors, I know I ought to follow this up with daily postings and lots more news. The problem, is, I  don't really know where to take this blog at the moment. 

So whilst I don't intend to totally stop blogging, until I have something really important to say or at least have some issues I can get my teeth in to, expect blogging to be patchy, at best.


Anonymous said...

this blog has always been "patchy, at best"

ba-dum, tish!


dazmando said...

Well looks like my holiday in Norfolk as it happens is well timed 80)

Johnny Norfolk said...

Comment on how you view the day to day coalition working or not . would be my suggestion, and see Labour for what they are.

Anonymous said...

tory trolls want you to shut up