Vote for real change in Norfolk - The UK General Election is on !

The election has been officially called for May 6th and we now face several weeks of campaigning to decide who our local MPs will be for the next few years and in Norfolk we have a real chance to make a difference.

In North Norfolk we have a fine example of everything a good MP should be with Lib Dem MP being an MP that people of all parties admire. For me personally he has been an inspiration and we desperately need more MPs like him, untainted and free of any involvement in the expenses scandals and standing up for local people in a way that gives people confidences in politics.

In Broadland, we have Lib Dem candidate Dan Roper, who inherits a large chunk of Lib Dem North Norfolk and who, on the back of by-election wins in formerly safe Tory seats in Wroxham and Taverham in recent months, now has a real chance of causing an upset. Hardly anyone locally knows who the Tory MP is and this area definitely needs an MP in the Norman Lamb mould and Dan Roper is that man.

The other hot prospect for the Lib Dems is Norwich South. Now the press will want to make a story here and will relentlessly talk up the Green's chances, as they did in the Norwich North by-election (where they came 5th), but the fact is that the Lib Dems jumped up from 3rd to a close second last time and in Simon Wright (who I was councillor with in Fakenham North) who also worked for Norman Lamb in North Norfolk, Norwich South have a genuine champion, someone who has had a job in the real world, someone who lives locally, is Norfolk through and through and really cares about the area.

In Norwich South at the last General Election seats where the Green's were embedded at a local level clearly voted on national issues in the General Election vote and it seems clear that Green's know that a vote for the Greens at the general election would be a wasted vote and will let Labour back in.

Across Norfolk, we can be the vanguard for change, we can offer a new type of politics, a real fresh start and not a return to the old Tory ways that saw us suffer so much in the past.

So on May 6th vote for real change. Vote Lib Dem

P.S. I should add that there are other great Lib Dems standing across Norfolk, and I ought to give mention to Jacky Howe in South Norfolk who was elected in Fakenham as a councillor in 2003 when I was her agent, so I certainly wish her lots of luck too. The Lib Dems start in a clear second place in South Norfolk and a Labour vote there will be a wasted vote.


Alan said...

My choices for Prime Minister, in the real world, are Cameron or Brown. In this world, the Prime Minister personally selects the Government and thus the Executive. So choice of PM is the biggest single outcome of the election.

So if I vote LibDem, which one will I get? I don't want to buy a pig in a poke here.

Because LDs are clearly in second place in Norfolk, beating Labour into third - are you saying vote LibDem to get Brown?

Unknown said...

I say vote Lib Dem to get Lib Dem policies. If you are a Tory, vote Tory, nut if you want a more progressive government then you need to vote Lib Dem.

Also, don't fall for the Tory line that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Labour. Labour re spinning the complete opposite line.

I think Nick Clegg has made it clear that the Lib Dems faour neither the Tores or the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...


real change!

change that works, individualised for me!

fairer Britain!

a new type of politics

a fresh start

absolute bullshit and bollocks

and you wonder why there's a 'disconnect'

I'll be staying home, ta.

Unknown said...

Oh the bravery of an anonymosu poster.

The "I'll stay at home" brigade treat politics like it is a meal, assuming you can have less of someonething or nothing at all and that as a result, you'll be better for having gone without it.

The problem is, unlike a meal, politics, the election, government, goes on without you voting or not. You seem to think that by opting out that nobody will get elected whereas someone actually will with or without your vote.

So stay at home and then wonder to yourself why the same sort of politician always gets elected and wonder if it is because people who could really make a difference stay at home.

Anonymous said...

So who do I vote for if I don't want the free market Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, given that I'm not a racist and the Greens aren't standing where I live.

Oh, and I'm in a guaranteed Tory win seat.

Unfortunately, it's just a lifestyle choice for people like you.

Anonymous said...

here's a blog looking a political tactics for the the general election, first post was on the Lib Dems