VAT-Man and VAT-Man


Anonymous said...

Given that Vince Cable has admitted making up the £389 figure and that he would do nothing different from Osbourne on VAT shouldn't you be making as much of the Lib Dems VAT bombshell as you did of the Tories?

Or are you just a partisan hypocrite who is unwilling to criticise his own side when they are caught out?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Vince sais no such thing. I suggest you listen to what he said again. The figure of £389 per person is the amount that the Tories would need to raise to fill the gap in their spending plans.

you were obviously NOT watching the same Vince Cable interview that I saw with John Sopel today.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps I wasn't watching it with my Cowley Street issue glasses on?

Are you incapable of accepting that the Sainted Vince has been caught out? Just accept it, print some criticism of Vince commensurate with the criticism you gave to the Conservatives (unless you’re saying a VAT rise is OK as long as the Lib Dems propose it) and move on having been suitably humbled.