How much could you save under the Lib Dems ?

Under Liberal Democrat proposals to raise the tax threshold, 10% of workers in Norfolk would become exempt from paying income tax.

Using South Norfolk as an example, the lowest paid 10% earn £7996 per year.

The Lib Dem proposals to raise the tax threshold (by asking the wealthiest to pay more) would ease the burden on 3,800 people in South Norfolk alone -tthe equivalent to a place the size of Long Stratton.

Across the whole of Norfolk, 27,800 people would be taken out of tax altogether – or 11.68% of the working population.

Under the Lib Dem tax plans, the average person would save £700 per year in their tax bill, no one will have to pay tax on the first £10,000 of their income.

This will save the average working age taxpayer £700 each. Homes with two workers could be up to £1400 a year better off.

These tax cuts will be paid for by measures including closing tax loopholes exploited by the rich, taxes on pollution and a new levy on houses worth more than £2 million.

Lib Dem candidate for South Norfolk Jacky Howe says, “Ordinary people are paying far more than their fair share while the rich pay less than they should. Our plan will put money back into the pockets of those who need it most, pensioners and working people on low incomes.”

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Johnny Norfolk said...

What about VAT Mr Cabel will not rull out increasing VAT. So you need to take off the increase in VAT before you talk of saving tax.
You are only showing part of the story and misleading people.