First Tory leaflet out in Broadland

Very early to be receiving a Freepost delivered leaflet, in my opinion, and remember that for many people this may be their only leaflet of the campaign (if you live alone).

Three weeks without a leaflet until polling day is a long time to wait, and with the Tories bereft of local volunteers (as was witnessed by them shipping leafletters in from Brundall and further afield in the recent by-election I won in Taverham North), the chances of seeing a hand delivered Tory leaflet before the election is probably low.

From a design point of view, it seems very generic, the action shots are not good, too many feature the same jacket (buy a new jacket Mr Simpson !) and some of the issues he raises were issues under the last tory government (like our poor roads in Norfolk when the transport minister was a Norfolk Tory MP and did nothing !). Then again, I'm biased.

More, as you would expect, has been going out from the Lib Dems, so I will post that to this blog later. 

The final picture here is the fold out middle bit which opens up like a origami project.


Fat Councillor said...

Doesn't Keith Simpson look just like that copper out of Kingdon?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've heard him being referred to as "the galloping major".

Two voters pointed out to me today that the Tories obsession with putting their candidates faces on their poster boards was vanity overriding sanity as seeing a big picture of Keith Simpson is hardly likely to win over your average floating voter.

Richard Gadsden said...

Aren't the Tories likely to have a paid delivery?

The Quizzical Observer said...

You seem to be making the assumption that 'your average floating voter' (another assumption in itself, but never mind) is swayed by what the candidate looks like, rather than what the candidate stands for. Do you not think that outlook might seem rather facile and patronising to your average floating voter? I'm not one of your electorate, nor do I fly any banner for the Tory party. But I would like to see rather more grown-up politics in this country. Just a thought.

My apologies for bursting in like this, by the way, and best of luck.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Quizzical - looks wouldn't affect my vote, but some people make decisions on how to vote for the oddest of reasons. If people really made decisions on the issues, they'd all vote Lib Dem (in my opinion), but they don't.

In the Norwich North by-election two woemn told me they didn't vote for Chloe Smith because of her eyebrows ? Not a good reason, but to them it WAS the reason.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Harry Enfield's Grayson ( of Mr Cholmondley Warner fame)