English Democrats PEB

Having just seen the English Democrats PEB on TV, I have to say I am slightly bemused.

Some bloke presented the whole advert, looking neither excited or energised about what he was saying whilst the bullet points he was talking about were not even put on screen means you were left wondering the whole time who this rather boring bloke was. Also, the broadcast appeared to have been filmed on a cheap camcorder meaning that the colours looked slightly washed out.

Also, I was confused about their line about not being "left or right", when they stood sown in North Norfolk 5 years ago because they did not want to split the Tory vote.

I know they are a small party, but I think I could have made a better PEB than the one I saw tonight.


Toque said...

Not great in terms of style but the substance was better than their previous efforts, much toned down and less anti-Scottish.

I think you're being a bit unfair when it comes to why they stepped down in North Norfolk. Iain Dale was pretty chummy with Christine Constable, the EDP's Vice Chairman. And those two did a deal on the understanding that Iain Dale was in favour of an EP (even if the press release didn't explicitly say so):

Statement from Christine Constable, Vice Chairman, English Democrats (she lives in Thorpe Market)

The English Democrats have decided to withdraw from standing in North Norfolk and have given their endorsement to Iain Dale. Christine Constable Vice Chairman of the English Democrats commented Iain Dale has taken the issues of English discrimination seriously, he has been most helpful in supporting our efforts to debate the whole issue of English devolution, and an end to unaccountable regional government. It is clear that Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party are both in favour of breaking England into 9 Euro Regions, removing England’s status as a nation, and accepting monetary union and the EU Constitution.
Christine Constable also confirmed Iain Dale is committed to preserving England, her counties and national identity and we would urge all our members and supporters in North Norfolk to support Iain’s candidacy as we fight the Labour and Lib Dem parties, who have both indicated they wish to see England broken up.

I remember that the English Democrats were pretty angry when Iain Dale and David Davis decided that they didn't support an English parliament after all.

bouncy castle hire in weston super mare said...

Hmm I'm sure it was just friendship that led them to step down.... Or maybe a big boost to the EDP money pot from the Iain Dale trust fund..

Just my ramblings, but I find it hard to believe they just 'step down' when every EDP member I have met is full of passion !

Anonymous said...

I thought the PEB was very good considering how much money the ED do not have compared to the big three all of whom have either businesses or unions or both in their back pockets financing it all!!
I was not happy when I found out we had stood down in any election contest to give way to any party nor would I ever advocate it unless the party are in my opinion a smaller/same size party with similar values then in that scenario splitting the vote would not be in anyone's interest but to allow the big three free reign at an election should not EVER happen in my opinion, otherwise what is the point? The Party is getting bigger and bigger and I think this year will be the year it becomes noticed.